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The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center

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"When you develop both strong character and competence, the fruit is wisdom and judgment—the foundation of all great and lasting achievement and trust.”

—Dr. Stephen R. Covey 

Global Advisory Board

Our Global Advisory Board is comprised of accomplished leaders in government, military, private, and non-profit sectors. These principle-centered individuals assist the Covey Center in accomplishing its purpose of developing principle-centered leaders.

Learn more about our Global Advisory Board.


Covey Center Founders

Our Covey Center Founders are a network of alumni and friends from all over the world who support the activities offered by The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center. 

If you’re interested in providing a framework of principled-centered leadership to our students, through classroom or social interactions, mentoring and coaching, we invite you to become a Founder of the Covey Center.

Learn more about becoming a Covey Center Founder.

An Integrated Approach to Leadership Development

The purpose of the Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center is to develop principle-centered leaders. To realize our purpose, we offer an integrated approach to leadership development through curriculum development, co-curricular activities and coaching. Stephen R. Covey is known throughout the world for principle-centered leadership and the center in his name aspires to have a global impact. The center will enable the following high impact activities:


Student Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful catalysts for leadership development. Students have a variety of opportunities to receive coaching and be a coach.

Strengths Coaching

Students will work with a coach to become more self-aware, develop their talents, and find ways to live a more meaningful life.

Leadership Challenge for Elementary Schools (LCES)

USU Students will be put in the coaching seat where they will have the opporutnity to teach elementary students principles of leadership.

The Executive Challenge

Students will be immersed in a simulated business crisis where their ability to strategize through extreme turbulence, think on their feet, and demonstrate poise under pressure will be tested.


Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities extend beyond the reaches of the classroom preparing students to enter a complex and competitive business world.

Global Leadership Experiences

Students will study the lives of history’s greatest leaders in the classroom, then they will travel to locations (London and Cape Town) around the globe to walk where they walked and learn more how they successfully navigated complex challenges.

Stephen R. Covey Leadership Certificate

The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Certificate is a self-paced leadership development journey. Each part of the certificate focuses on a different aspect of leadership to help you become a more well-rounded leader.

Leadership Forum Speaker Series

An executive speaker series that allows students to interact with and learn from exemplar leaders of today.


Curricular Offerings & Development

All Utah State University students will be the beneficiaries of pioneering efforts in leadership education.

MSLE 3800 – The Leadership Challenge

This course fosters leadership development through a focus on integrity, authenticity, and commitment to a purpose higher than oneself. Students become more effective leaders by removing constraints and allowing leadership to emerge as natural self-expression.

7 Habits Journey

Participants will study and reflect individually and in groups on leadership principles from Stephen R. Covey’s Greatest work, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Leadership and Management Minor

The Leadership and Management Minor provides students with the skills and tools necessary to effectively lead people and organizations.

Covey Leadership Center Speakers

To further our mission of helping people develop principle-centered leadership, The Covey Leadership Center invites leaders from all across the globe to visit Utah State University and teach principles of leadership.