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The Executive Challenge

The Program

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Are leaders born or made? While research suggests that innate ability can be helpful, the most effective leaders are forged through the fires of experience.

The Executive Challenge is a one of a kind, fast-paced, multi-round simulation where 16 teams face off in an immersive leadership development experience. Student participants have the unique opportunity to place themselves in the shoes of a c-level executive, solve complex real-world business problems and test their leadership in front of experienced leaders who act as a board of directors.


  • Teams are comprised of 4 individuals
  • The competition has two rounds
  • Every team competes in the first round, and the top four teams move-on to the second/final round
  • The final round will take place immediately after the first round
  • Finalist teams will receive a twist in the case and have 55 minutes to prepare a new presentation for the final round
  • Teams receive the case one week before competition day
  • Teams prepare a 10 minute oral presentation (no slides or handouts) based on given questions
  • Presentations are delivered to their company's board of directors (executive judge panel)
  • Following their presentations, teams will receive developmental feedback and questions
  • A scoring rubric will be sent to teams along with the case one week before the event
  • Prize money is awarded to the top three finishers
    • 1st place team - $2000
    • 2nd place team - $1000
    • 3rd place team - $400

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Key Dates

Fall 2021 Applications

  • Open: TBA
  • Close: TBA

Event Date & Time

  • Round 1: TBA
  • Final Round: TBA

International Executive Challenge

The winners of the Executive Challenge are invited to participate in the International Executive Challenge. The International Executive Challenge is a virtual version of the Executive Challenge that will include teams from universities around the world.


It was a rigorous field test of our team's business acumen and leadership.


Michael White
2020 Participant

2020 Executive Challenge

On October 13 & 15, 2020 the Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center hosted the second annual Executive Challenge. Teams assumed the roles of the executive team for Oxford University Hospitals battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judges included executives from Malouf,, Conservice, EP Systems, Inovar-inc, AlignOrg, Juniper Systems, Savage Services, the Protein Foundry, USU Credit Union, professors from Utah State Univesrity, and an orthopedic surgeon from Intermountain Health.


1st Place Team