Huntsman Marketing

The marketing team at the Huntsman School is committed to helping programs and departments promote themselves in the most effective ways. Utilizing the following resources will enable you, and your team, to take your initiatives to the next level. New projects and marketing initiatives need to go through approval to ensure it meets overall branding guides and goals. Please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Morgan Kuethe at to begin that process.

Huntsman Brand

The Huntsman Brand is more comprehensive than just the proper use of logos or school colors. An institution’s brand represents its unique and recognizable place in the world. We need to ensure anything going out into the world under the Huntsman Brand has a cohesive style and voice.  These resources are available to help build your marketing material under that umbrella. If you need guidance in the beginning, middle, or end of a project or idea, please email our Marketing Coordinator, Morgan Kuthe at

Utah State University Brand

USU has an extensive website that covers all aspects of the USU brand and resources available at the University level. University Brand Website 


The following resources are provided to assist with marketing and content needs.