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Internal Huntsman School Marketing and Branding Resources

The marketing team at the Huntsman School is committed to helping programs and departments promote themselves in the most effective ways. Utilizing the following resources will enable you, and your team, to take your initiatives to the next level.

Content Creation Resources

In a world where “content is king”, it’s important to provide your audience with all that they need and want in order for them to take meaningful action. The resources in this section will help you, and your team, build marketing content that is both appealing and informative.

Creative Resources

Branding Guide

Website Resources

Event Promotion Resources

Events have a powerful way of influencing your organization’s image, reputation, and opportunities. As such, the resources in this section have been specifically engineered to help you maximize the promotional impact of these pivotal opportunities.

This Week @ Huntsman and Calendar

Huntsman Swag

Club Resources

Social Media

TV Slides

Room Scheduler