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7 Habits Journey

The Program

Is it realistic to believe that balance among personal, family, and professional life is possible? Why are our efforts to improve and achieve falling so short despite our time and effort being spent? How can we find clarity in purpose? How do we as individuals survive and thrive amid tremendous change? How do we unleash the creativity, talent, and energy within ourselves and others? 

We may want to change, but for most of us we either lack the support or we don’t know how. Dr. Stephen R. Covey spent his life teaching that the answer to the dilemmas listed above and others is principle-centered leadership.

The 7 Habits Journey is a 7-week principle-centered leadership development program for students. The learning process consists of three parts: personal reflectiongroup discussion, and creating personal implementation plans.

Get Involved

The application for the fall 2020 7 Habits Journey will open at the beginning of the fall semester. We will be sure to email you with the latest information when registration begins again.

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Personal Reflection

At the personal level, you will work through reflection activities contained in canvas modules. These reflection activities will challenge you to define who you are, what you value most in life, and who you want to become. Use these reflection activities as an opportunity to learn about yourself and adjust your paradigms.

Group Discussion 

At the interpersonal level you will reflect with 7 peers during weekly one-hour reflection sessions. The small size of the groups allows for a safe place where intimacy and trust can build among the members. These groups will be led by a skilled facilitator, and will be extremely useful to help you identify blind spots in your character and to help you develop a personal implementation plan.

Personal Implementation Plan

Without some sort of an implementation plan it may be challenging to consistently apply the principles you learn throughout the 7 Habits Journey. Creating personal implementation plans will help you to think about your own situation and design an individualized path moving forward. You will create your personal implementation plan at the end of each group discussion.

My 7 Habits Journey has become a driving factor of real personal change. I have found more happiness and self-confidence by aligning my life with correct principles.

staurt burns

Stuart Burns
Fall 2019 Participant

Participant Requirements

  • Attend the kickoff event
  • $15 fee
  • Approximately 2 Hours/week for seven weeks:
    • 1 hour of reading and personal reflection
    • 1 hour of group reflection

Key Dates

Fall 2020 Applications

  • Open: August 31, 2020
  • Close: September 11, 2020 - 11:59 pm

Kickoff Event: TBA

Start Dates: September 21-25

End Dates: Novmeber 2-6

Closing Event: TBA