Adding a minor to your program of study is an excellent way to position yourself for career success. With 16 minors to choose from, you can customize your Huntsman experience. Is a business major currently not part of your plan? The business minor is designed to give you the essential business knowledge and skills to complement any major outside the Huntsman School.

A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to pursue any business minor must recognize that there may be prerequisites to required minor courses and that a GPA of 2.5 must be obtained in all minor courses.

Before you can declare a minor, you must have a declared major with 40 credits and a 2.75 GPA. Minor requirements change occasionally, so speak to an advisor as you are planning your minor. Contact the Programs and Advising Center’s front desk at 435-797-2272, visit us in Business 309, or schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.

The accounting minor provides you with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a wide range of specialty areas within accounting. This minor will enhance your major by giving you experience in financial management, business transaction tracking, financial reporting, merger and acquisition strategy, tax and audit strategy, wealth management, and information systems development.

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The Huntsman School of Business offers a minor for non-business majors seeking to acquire the fundamental business knowledge and skills in areas including finance, marketing, and operations, that can complement any program of study. In addition, students will gain strong analytical and problem-solving skills.Completion of this Minor will acquaint students with each business discipline and is designed to develop a general business background and perspective.

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The Economics Minor is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and aims to explain how economies work. The Economics Minor provides students with a strong understanding how economic forces affect decision-making and outcomes.

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The Entrepreneurship Minor is the new leadership model for today and the future. It is all about innovation, problem solving, and creating value. Learn by doing through practical courses taught in the Entrepreneurship Minor, students will create a new venture of some kind. This can be a new product, service, company, division of an existing business, or even a nonprofit organization.

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The Finance Minor provides students training in the basic analytical skills of financial management and investment. Students with a background in finance can have a competitive advantage when faced with complex business issues. Whether or not students pursue a career in finance, this minor can strengthen their ability to make sound financial decisions.

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The Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor helps students develop managerial skills relevant to an industry that accounts for an estimated 10 percent of the world’s economy. Students with this minor often work in dynamic fields such as sports management, special events planning, resort administration, conference planning and administration, and lodging and restaurant management.

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The minor in Human Resource Management develops students who understand human behavior in organizations and how people assets can be leveraged to create value for the individual and the organization. An HR minor enables students to work in virtually any industry, as all require this highly sought-after business specialty.

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The International Business Minor is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide leadership in the global marketplace. The curriculum includes training in the management of customers, products, and supply chains as well as an understanding of the social, political, and cultural dimensions of business in an international environment.

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The Leadership and Management Minor provides students with the skills and tools necessary to effectively lead people and organizations. Although this is a business degree, the curriculum includes courses from multiple colleges across USU campus.

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The Management Information Systems Minor represents the crossroads between business and technology. The minor complements any degree by providing training in analytics, database management, business information systems, web development, security, and systems design.

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The Marketing Minor prepares students for rapid career growth by teaching them how individuals and organizations can better understand and manage customers. In addition, the curriculum provides students with key focus and training on customer behavior, digital/online marketing, competitive intelligence, advertising, sales and sustainability.

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The minor in Operations Management prepares students with interests in process improvement and how to manage supply chains. Students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to improve performance in a variety of organizations in the service and manufacturing sectors.

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The Personal Financial Planning Minor prepares students for careers in government securities, retirement planning, compensation investments, property ownership, and wealth management. The courses are registered with the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)© Board of Standards. Students completing the entire series will qualify to sit for the comprehensive CFP© Examination.

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The Quantitative Finance Minor takes a more in-depth look at the world of financial products and risk management. Students learn the fundamental skills necessary for quantitative roles in fields like banking, real estate and portfolio management.

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The Real Estate Minor equips students with the fundamental skills required to create and lead real estate companies in a competitive and ever-fluctuating environment. Students will build a foundation in real estate investment, valuation, and development.

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The Technical Sales Management Minor was developed in response to employers seeking students who have both technical and professional selling skills. The minor provides trainings and professional certifications in strategic selling, sales technology, and negotiations.

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