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Huntsman Scholar Program - FAQ

How many Huntsman Scholar students are there?

The Program will eventually comprise of 400 undergraduate students.

How many students get in to the Program?

Our plan is to admit about 100 freshmen each year. We may take outstanding sophomores if there is space.

How many applicants do you have each year?

While application numbers vary from year to year, we receive several hundred applications each year.

Does it help me to apply early?

Early applications are an advantage. For example, during the 2018-2019 application season, we received 120 applications on the last day of the application deadline. At that time, we only had 20 spots left. Please apply as early as possible.

Can I defer my acceptance?

Yes. It is common for students to defer for up to two years either before they start or even once in the program due to religious, military, internship, personal health, or study abroad reasons.

What is the gender split in the Program?

51% of the incoming Fall 2019 class identify as female, bringing the program total of female Huntsman Scholars to 44%.

How many Huntsman Scholars are from out-of-state?

25% and growing.

What is the internship/job and graduate school placement rate of Huntsman Scholar students?

We’ve had 100% of our Huntsman Scholars placed into internships each year, as well as 100% of our graduates go on to jobs or graduate school at top companies/schools in the world.

Do many Huntsman Scholars double major?

Yes, nearly half of all our Huntsman Scholars double major. Most double major within the Huntsman School but many have outside double majors (e.g., sciences, communication, education, art, mathematics, engineering, etc.)

How much is the stipend?

We pay $1,000 to each Huntsman Scholar each semester for up to eight semesters ($8,000 total). We view this money as an “investment” and encourage students to use it for professional development opportunities they otherwise would not have.

What “extra” is required of a Huntsman Scholar?

The Huntsman Scholar Program contract follows the curriculum requirements found here. The 10 required courses for the Scholar Program are courses required of all business students. The co-curricular labs are exclusive to Scholars. The Program also requires an internship prior to the end of the junior year, as well as other listed activities.

What is mentoring like in the Program?

Each Huntsman Scholar has a peer mentor group (1:5 ratio) and a professional mentor group (1:40 ratio).

What is the average GPA of a Huntsman Scholar?

Huntsman Scholars have an average high school GPA of 3.90 and an average college GPA of 3.83.

Once admitted, are students guaranteed to be in the program for the full four years?

No. Scholars are evaluated annually for academic and program standards. Those who do not meet required standards are provided the opportunity to meet requirements through a probation semester. Those who do not meet requirements through that probation semester are dismissed from the program.

What is expected of Huntsman Scholars?

The Huntsman Scholar Program was created to provide students with an outstanding undergraduate education, so that graduates of the program could compete with the best and brightest anywhere in the world. Scholars are expected to fully engage in the classroom and in program activities, to be examples of the values and principles espoused by the school, and to lead lives of meaning and contribution.