Huntsman Scholar Program

The Huntsman Scholar Program is the honors program of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. The Huntsman Scholar Program is a highly selective undergraduate business and economics program offered on the Logan campus of Utah State University. We are looking for, in Jon Huntsman’s words, “the individual sense of purpose and integrity,” in addition to academic excellence. Thus, our selection criteria include not only academic record, but examples of servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and a focus on creating value. 

Students receive a $2,000 annual stipend for up to four years (can be deferred for up to two years), a fully-funded global learning experience, and participate in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences. Students are assigned professional mentors on Day 1 and have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students through specially designed activities.  

Once selected, students are assigned into sections of about 40 students. Each section is led by a professional mentor who meets with students individually, in small groups, and with the entire section each semester. The focus of the mentoring is to provide students an avenue to discuss career and life goals and for mentors to assist with and to assess career development.

Huntsman Scholar Student on a Company Visit