Business Acumen

In order to enhance the probability of student success in all master's programs in the Huntsman School of Business at USU, all candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the required Business Acumen to the satisfaction of each program.  The business acumen does not to be completed before admittance into the program. 

Program Requirements can be meet in two ways (as outlined in the table below):

  1. Complete USU Coures
  2. Compete My Education Challenge Exam/Course: The MyEducator courses are a convenient option to complete the Business Acumen if you have not complete the required courses prior to your application. In order to fulfill the Business Acumen requirement through MyEducator, you must receive an 80% or higher on the Post Test. You have three chances on the Post Test to accomplish this. The grades you receive through MyEducator will not affect your USU GPA. Courses are available to help prepare to take the challenge exam.

The following Business Acumen courses are required for the On-campus and the Professional program:

Program Requirements USU Course(s) MyEducator Challenge Exam Course
Accounting ACCT 2010 and ACCT 2020 Accounting Challenge Exam Pre-MHR Accounting Fundamentals
Finance FIN 3400 Finance Challenge Exam Pre-MHR Finance Fundamentals
Marketing MSLE 3500 Marekting Challenge Exam Pre-MHR Marketing Fundamentals
Excel   Excel Challenge Exam Pre-MHR Excel Fundamentals

How Do I Fulfill The Business Acumen Requirements?

You can demonstrate proficiency in one of three ways.

  1. If you have already taken the course (or an equivalent course at another accredited institution) within the past 5 years and received a C- or better, then you have fulfilled the requirement. 
  2. Complete a USU Huntsman School Prep Course with MyEducator. Each subject is a course with included material, exercises, and assessments. If you feel that you are already proficient in the subject, you are welcome to start with the assessment. You will have three opportunities to take the final assessment, and you will need to obtain a minimum score of 80% in order to be considered proficient. These prep courses are a cost-effective and convenient way to demonstrate proficiency.
  3. Complete an equivalent course prior to applying to the program (either with USU or another accredited institution). See the USU Course Transfer Guide for more information.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

  1. Each prep course costs $69.99 with the MyEducator program.

How Do I Know That I've Passed?

  1. You will need to pass the final assessment in each MyEducator prep course with an 80% or better.  Once you have completed the assessment, you are welcome to contact the MHR office.  Either way, MyEducator will provide USU with official verification.
  2. You will need to complete a course with a C- or better before you start the upper-division coursework.

How Long Do The Myeducator Courses Take To Complete?

  1. The time required to complete the courses will depend on your previous experience with the topic.
  2. If you feel confident in the course material you can start with the assessment.
  3. Some students have said that it takes approximately 60-80 hours to complete all courses for students with limited background in the topics.

Whom Should I Call If I Am Having Technical Difficulties?

1. All transcript issues should be directed to the School of Graduate Studies.
2. For all MyEducator issues, please contact
3. For all USU courses, please contact the Help Desk (435.797.4357).

Do I Need To Be Enrolled As A USU Student To Start The Myeducator Courses?

1. You can take the MyEducator courses at anytime. 
2. Once you pay for a MyEducator prep course, you will have lifetime access to the course.