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In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Master of Human Resources Program at Utah State University, we are asking our loyal alumni to join us in building the future by making a gift to the new MHR Student Support Fund. This fund will provide scholarship awards for deserving students as well as funding for student competitions, conferences, networking events and other meaningful experiences. Your support will help us create an environment where students can make life-changing connections with corporate professionals and mentors, prepare to add immediate value to the workplaces they enter, and compete for jobs with HR students from anywhere in the world.

Harry ZorrillaHarry Zorrilla grew up in Lima, Peru, during the chaotic strife of the late 1980s and early 1990s. He moved to the United States to complete his undergraduate education but had to finance the degree on his own. Harry didn’t anticipate all the costs of college in the U.S. and quickly ran out of funds. He accepted food donations, saved leftovers from work meetings, and donated plasma to get by. Tiring of his situation, he sold home security services door-to-door in Louisiana for three summers. Harry worked hard to earn an undergraduate degree in Finance, and is now enrolled in the MHR program.


“I feel my potential to be a great HR leader resides in my ability to understand business, markets, investment cycles, etc. and my ability to influence, empathize with, and manage others.”

– Harry Zorrilla
Master of Human Resources,
Class of 2021