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Strengths-Based Coaching

The Program

We are all unique and possess very particular sets of talents, or strengths. When we use our strengths often—in our studies, work, and daily life—we tend to find more fulfillment, success and happiness. Unfortunately, many people live much of their lives without using their strengths, or even being aware of them.

The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center has created a strengths-based coaching process to help individuals uncover and apply their personal strengths. This high impact process helps them become more self-aware, develop their strengths, and find ways to live a more meaningful life.

Get Involved

There are only 32 coaching spots available. Register today to participate in the spring 2021 Strengths-Based Coaching cohort. 


Participant Requirements

  • Humble and have a great desire to learn and improve
  • Comfortable being vulnerable and honest with a coach
  • Able to meet with a coach five times over the course of five weeks
    • 30-60 minute meetings
  • $15 registration fee

Key Dates

Spring 2021 Applications

  • Open: October 27, 2020
  • Close: February 5, 2021

Start Date: 

  • Coaching will start at the beginning of the 2021 spring semester
  • After you register, your coach will contact you to select a start date



I now have a greater focus on what makes me different, better, and special compared to my peers... This program is perfect for anyone who has a growth mindset and is willing to 'Dare Mighty Things.'

andrew marino

Andrew Marino
Spring 2020 Participant