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Huntsman Scholars are required to take the 10 courses listed below.

The courses are as follows:

Sample Four-Year Program of Study

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Course Number Course Name Credits
ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
ECN 1500 Econ Institutions Macroeconomics (BAI) 3
ECN 2010  Intro to Microeconomics (BSS)
FIN 3200 Financial Management
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (QI)
MGT 1050 Foundations of Business & Leadership (entering Freshman only)
MGT 3500  Fundamentals of Marketing
MGT 3700

Operations Management

MGT 3800


STAT 2300 Business Statistics (QL)


A group of students travelingHuntsman Scholars must take the following labs in a sequential order. The labs are one semester each, and are designed to provide an integrative perspective of skills and behaviors central to success in business and in life. Faculty may design labs with great flexibility in terms of duration, classroom time, and experiential activities. The labs are designed to be taken in sequence, but participants entering the program in year 2 may double up on two labs during one academic year.

Year 1: Leadership (behaviors of ethical leadership)
Year 2: Analytical Rigor (risk/opportunity analysis, critical thinking)
Year 3: Global Vision (functioning of our global economy)
Year 4: Entrepreneurial Spirit (being open to opportunity)

*The year 3 Global Vision Lab will include an 8-10 day international experience offered during multiple times of the year, including for example, at the end of Fall and Spring semesters and during Spring Break. The cost will be covered by the program.

Extracurricular Activities

Huntsman Scholars must also participate in regular extracurricular activities. These activities include Professional Development Forums, designed to prepare students for competitive careers and meaningful contributions in their communities, as well as service opportunities and social interaction. Some of these activities may include the entire program population, while others may include smaller sub-groups. Activities will be determined collaboratively between students and faculty.