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The Huntsman Scholar Program requires students to take 10 courses and four co-curricular labs. The courses are part of the core requirements of the Huntsman School and provide a foundation for understanding business disciplines. The labs provide students with a deeper understanding of the four pillars of the Huntsman School, namely, ethical leadership, analytical rigor, global vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, and enable students to develop relationships with other students at the same juncture in the program.


Tailored classroom instruction through special Scholar sections of ten courses foundational to understanding the business world. These courses, a part of the Huntsman School’s core requirement, are smaller in size than typical sections of the courses and provide an opportunity for enriched experiences between faculty and students.

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
ECN 1500 Econ Institutions Macroeconomics (BAI) 3
ECN 2010 Intro to Microeconomics (BSS)
FIN 3200 Financial Management
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (QI)
MGT 1050 Foundations of Business & Leadership
MSLE 3500 * Fundamentals of Marketing
MGT 3700 Operations Management 2
MSLE 3800 * Leadership
STAT 2300 Business Statistics (QL)

* Select MGT courses have been updated to MSLE effective Spring 2019. Students who completed courses under the MGT course prefix do not need to complete the course again under the MSLE prefix.


Rigorous co-curricular experiences, or labs, that combine classroom instruction and experiential activities. The focus of these labs is to deeply engage students around a set of behaviors that form the four strategic pillars of the Huntsman School. The labs are typically seven weeks long, and are designed to be taken sequentially, preferably one per year. The third-year global vision lab includes a fully-funded, faculty-led international experience.

Lab Lab Name Credits
Year 1 Leadership (behaviors of ethical leadership) 1
Year 2 Analytical Rigor (risk/opportunity analysis, critical thinking) 1
Year 3 Global Vision (functioning of our global economy) 1
Year 4 Entrepreneurial Spirit (being open to opportunity) 1

*The year 3 Global Vision Lab will include an 8-10 day international experience offered during multiple times of the year, including for example, at the end of Fall and Spring semesters and during Spring Break. The cost will be covered by the program.

Extracurricular Requirement

  • Complete an internship or demonstrate substantive professional work experience by the end of their junior year.
  • Select and complete a set of activities from a broad portfolio of opportunities that promote service, professional development, and social interaction.

Sample Roadmap