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The Huntsman Scholar Program requires students to take 10 courses and four co-curricular labs. The courses are part of the core requirements of the Huntsman School and provide a foundation for understanding business disciplines. The labs provide students with a deeper understanding of the four pillars of the Huntsman School, namely, ethical leadership, analytical rigor, global vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, and enable students to develop relationships with other students at the same juncture in the program.


Tailored classroom instruction through special Scholar sections of ten courses foundational to understanding the business world. These courses, a part of the Huntsman School’s core requirement, are smaller in size than typical sections of the courses and provide an opportunity for enriched experiences between faculty and students.

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
ECN 1500 Econ Institutions Macroeconomics (BAI) 3
ECN 2010 Intro to Microeconomics (BSS)
FIN 3200 Financial Management
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (QI)
MGT 3050 Foundations of Business
MSLE 3500 * Fundamentals of Marketing
MGT 3700 Operations Management 2
MSLE 3800 * Leadership
MIS 2100 Data & Information in Business 3

* Select MGT courses have been updated to MSLE effective Spring 2019. Students who completed courses under the MGT course prefix do not need to complete the course again under the MSLE prefix.


Rigorous co-curricular experiences, or labs, that combine classroom instruction and experiential activities. The focus of these labs is to deeply engage students around a set of behaviors that form the four strategic pillars of the Huntsman School. The labs are typically seven weeks long, and are designed to be taken sequentially, preferably one per year. The third-year global vision lab includes a fully-funded, faculty-led international experience.

Year 1 – Leadership, 1 Credit

The Leadership Lab is focused on introducing the culture and resources of the Huntsman Scholar Program to new Huntsman Scholars. Through a series of guest speakers from the faculty and staff involved with our Program and the Huntsman School in general, the Leadership Lab will begin preparing students to do as our school motto states and ‘dare mighty things’. When visiting some of our Huntsman Scholar students, David Huntsman, President of the Huntsman Foundation, stated, “True leaders are practical, resilient, and ambitious.” We have adopted these three leadership attributes as the outcomes of our Leadership Lab.

Year 2 – Analytical Rigor, 1 Credit

The Analytical Rigor Lab will illustrate analytical rigor by exposing students to pioneering experiments that fundamentally transformed how we understand human decision making. Our goal is to understand how and why these experiments had such a large impact on social science, and to illustrate the numerous ways in which questioning the prevailing conventional wisdom has led to great progress. In addition, these experiments will be used to build a firm understanding of causal inference and to promote critical thinking skills. Each session will begin with an experiment, followed by a discussion of what drove behavior in the experiment

Year 3 – Global Vision, 1 Credit

The Global Vision Lab examines a dimension of the global economy in the context of an international location with which it is associated or which offers a unique perspective. Students will learn how and why different centers of economic and business activity have emerged, and how these are shaped by cultural, political, and historic contexts. They will look at the global economy through the lens of, for example, capital markets or technology, and should develop insights that will influence their career and professional development irrespective of major or career aspirations. Students will also gain an appreciation for how the global economy continues to change the nature of work, organizations, and innovation, and what this means for their career development.

Year 4 – Entrepreneurial Spirit, 1 Credit

An entrepreneurial spirit is not unique to individuals who start new businesses. Every organization needs entrepreneurial people to create new value. In this lab, students will be tasked with using the skills and resources that they have gained throughout their Huntsman School education to develop innovative solutions to a meaningful problem that will benefit a company, a community, or the world. Students will have access to skills workshops and mentorship to assist them in achieving their project goals. Prior to participating in Lab 4, students should be thinking about a project in which they will tackle a pain that they wish to eliminate, an unmet need that they will meet, or a problem that they will solve.

Extracurricular Requirement

  • Complete an internship or demonstrate substantive professional work experience by the end of their junior year.
  • Select and complete a set of activities from a broad portfolio of opportunities that promote service, professional development, and social interaction.