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Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS)

The MMIS program at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is an innovative, project-based program designed to address business problems through the use of technology. It carries a STEM designation (12-month OPT + 24-month extension work option after graduation) in database management and analytics.  The 30-credit program has nearly a 100% placement rate with a median salary of $65,000.

Program Options

This degree is available as a single degree (MMIS) or can be paired with a second master’s degree (MBA/MMIS or MHR/MMIS) by enrolling in one additional year.


The MMIS degree provides an in-depth knowledge of information systems technologies and skill sets.

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Concurrent Program (MMIS/MBA)

This concurrent degree program is customized for those who want to combine a breadth of business knowledge with a depth of MIS skills.

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Concurrent Program (MMIS/MHR)

This option is designed for those seeking to apply technical skills to the HR function, such as HR Analytics through database mining and dashboard creation.

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