Student Testimonials

"Because of this trip, I solidified my goal to work on Wall Street, met some great contacts (students and professionals) and fell in love with NYC."

- Ben Oveson


"I would tell any finance/econ/business student to go on this trip. I spent about $200 on expenses outside of the hotel and flight, which means the trip only ended up costing approximately $1,000 total. This cost is nothing compared to the worth of the trip."

- Brittany Packham


"Advice for future participants: Come prepared! If you are really serious about working in the financial industry, research the companies you are going to visit, ask questions, make comments that will create a good first impression and know the industry. Do not be afraid to ask questions and try to connect with the people you meet. The people you meet here can represent the door to your first job in New York."

- Juan Mauricio Guiliani


"I thought the trip was a huge success. It gave me a clear understanding of the culture and environment of various businesses in New York City."

- Sterling Morris