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From June 1st to July 20th, we are riding our bicycles across America to raise awareness and scholarship funds so more students can participate in our life changing SEED poverty alleviation program.


Total Amount Raised as of June 20th, 2024

SEED Program Impact

Our award winning SEED program (Small Enterprise Education and Development) is the ultimate learning experience we offer at our Center for Entrepreneurship. Students are selected from a variety of majors and spend a full semester learning the skills of entrepreneurship and small business development. They spend a second semester teaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world.

Seed Location Map

Our SEED students have taught more than 10,000 individuals and families living in poverty how start and grow successful businesses. At a time when higher education is perceived as too expensive and not always relevant, the SEED program adds tremendous value to a student's education. Here are some of the outcomes of their experience:

Each student teaches around 40 families

Housing and nutrition conditions improve for individuals taught

Family income increases by nearly 100%

Children of individuals taught are able to gain an education

Interns gain a genuine appreciation for diversity

Interns receive job offers faster with higher salaries

Interns are viewed as stronger applicants to employers

Interns gain an increased confidence in career skills

The Route

During the 1976 Bicentennial, more than 4,000 cyclists from all 50 states and 329 countries road across America to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our country. Since then, thousands of cyclists each year ride what has become known as the "TransAmerica Bicycle Trail." This is the route we will follow on our journey.

route map

Your Impact

With your help, we can include more students in the SEED experience, regardless of their family income status. We are hoping you will make a "per mile" contribution to our 4,000 mile adventure across America. One hundred percent of your donation will go to student scholarships. Here are the various options you might consider:


$2,000 Donation angle icon

1 Student Scholarship

40 Entrepreneurs Mentored


$4,000 Donation angle icon

2 Student Scholarships

80 Entrepreneurs Mentored


$10,000 Donation angle icon

5 Student Scholarships

200 Entrepreneurs Mentored


$20,000 Donation angle icon

10 Student Scholarships

400 Entrepreneurs Mentored


$40,000 Donation angle icon

20 Student Scholarships

800 Entrepreneurs Mentored


$100,000 Donation angle icon

50 Student Scholarships

2,000 Entrepreneurs Mentored


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