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Small Enterprise Education and Development (SEED)

Make a sustainable difference in the world, and increase the value of your education through this transformative international internship.

Transform the World

The Small Enterprise Education and Development Program (SEED) is an international internship opportunity for skilled and passionate students of all majors to make an impact in the world, through a transformative experience where students teach basic business building principles.

Make a Difference

By teaching entrepreneurial principles and basic business skills, SEED interns empower less fortunate individuals and families in Ghana, the Philippines, Peru,the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala to help them break the poverty cycle, become self-reliant, and improve their standard of living in a sustainable way.

Increase your Value

SEED interns build their confidence and prepare themselves for a future career. By engaging with the global community and experiencing an entrepreneurial internship, students will learn that problem solving and research are essential keys to success.

Program Application

Spring 2022 Internship Applicaiton Deadline: April 12, 2021

How to Apply

SEED Internship Overview

Manila, Philippines

Lima & Trujllo, Peru

Abomosu, Ghana


USU SEED Student with horseSEED offers an international internship experience that will distinguish you from among your peers and give you the confidence to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real life. We are looking for students with an interest in social entrepreneurship to live abroad for a full school semester to teach, mentor and assist entrepreneurs in developing countries and help them break the poverty cycle.
The SEED program is unique because it focuses on assisting entrepreneurs in three areas; teaching, funding and mentoring. We teach entrepreneurs business building principles, help them secure funding and assets for their business, and mentor them as they grow their venture. We are continuously involved in the success of these micro businesses.


SEED connects skilled and passionate students with the opportunity to empower individuals, families and communities through teaching enterprise creation and sustainability in developing regions of the world. SEED students make an impact in the world while having a transformative experience that distinguishes them from among their peers.

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  • SEED offers an exceptional learning experience to prepare students to empower others with the skills of enterprise creation and development.
  • SEED provides safe and successful in-field experiences for students through partnerships with reputable organizations in select regions of the world.
  • SEED is highly sustainable through a variety of long-term funding arrangements.
  • SEED supports 100 students each year from a wide-variety of majors.
  • SEED students master the skills of business development, significantly impact the lives of others, and have a transformative life experience in the process.