Huntsman School Scholarships

Financial Need (FAFSA dependent) Scholarships

Please note that delays at the US Department of Education mean that USU, and indeed all universities across the US, have not received completed FAFSA information from the Department of Education. We are unable to award any scholarships that specify some financial need component as a criteria for selection since FAFSA score is a part of the evaluation of need. This means that we are unable to award more than 50 scholarships in the Huntsman School until we receive this data. We anticipate being able to open applications for these scholarships in May with scholarships funds being awarded in late May. The availability of the needed data is entirely outside of USU control.

We understand this delay is unhelpful, to say the least. We will award all scholarships without a need component on our normal, advertised schedule, which is posted below. We will keep updating you on the timing of the need-based scholarships as we receive information from the Department of Education.

Utah State Today Article: USU Working to Smooth Issues Caused by FAFSA Updates

Students in the Huntsman School of Business received more than $11.7 million in scholarships during 2022-2023 academic year. Scholarships typically range from $500 to full tuition per year, and students are eligible to receive more than one scholarship. Scholarships are awarded according to specific qualifications outlined by the donors. Qualifications may include your hometown, major, grade point average, and/or need, as well as class standing.

Below are scholarship opportunities available to current and incoming Huntsman School students at the undergraduate and graduate level. Each scholarship opportunity has unique requirements and deadlines. Please review each opportunity carefully.

Scholarship applications for students currently attending USU and admitted to a Huntsman School Major.

Scholarship applications for incoming undergraduate (high school/transfer) students admitted to a Huntsman School Major.

Scholarship Opportunities for students completing a graduate degree program in the Huntsman School.

Emergency Hardship Fund

Utah State University’s Emergency Hardship Fund provides grants to students who encountered a financial difficultly which otherwise would jeopardize their ability to continue their education.

Apply for Emergency Hardship Fund