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Huntsman Club Marketing Resources & FAQ

The following page of questions and answers outline the Huntsman School Marketing resources available to clubs and organizations to assist in their marketing efforts.

Marketing Resources

Any of the downloadable templates are available to clubs. However, clubs must provide their own graphic designers. There are many qualified student designers on campus. We recommend building professional relationships with the Caine College of Art design.

Huntsman School clubs must display the official Huntsman School logo on all printed materials to show its affiliation. The appropriate logo files can be found online. Please review the Huntsman School Visual Identity Guide before attempting to use the logo. Clubs do not need to include the logo on digital TV slides to be used within the business building. Improper use or lack of the Huntsman School logo may result in the delay of printing and/or disposal of printed materials.

Your faculty advisor needs to review all documents for any spelling or content errors before printing. Prior to printing send a proof to the School's art director, Hilary Frisby, at for logo usage approval.

Publication Design Production (PDP) and the TSC Copy Center are great on-campus resources for printing. As representatives of the Huntsman School, please be generous with the time you give the printers for printing.

Clubs are responsible for all costs associated with printing projects. Check with the departmental staff over your club for payment assistance.

Printed items may be placed on Huntsman School stands. These stands can be found in Huntsman Hall at the North & East Entrance and near the Grand Stairwell of the first & third floor. In Eccles, the stands are located in the East & West entryway and right outside the FJM Center (309). Do not attempt to tape, staple or hang posters on the building's windows, doors or bare walls (including entry ways). Breaking these rules will result in disposal of your items.

Clubs can hand out fliers, but please be cautious not to litter on campus or in the business building.

Club Website

One representative from each club will need to complete training for the Content Management System (CMS) being used by the Huntsman School. Once the training has been completed, that individual will be granted access to your club site and all plug-ins used on the site.

To schedule a training, contact the School's webmaster, Shara Gibbons, at

Club sites are a representation of the Huntsman School of Business, therefore they must follow the same website branding rules established for the School. Clubs must use the approved Huntsman School template and heading and paragraph styles (they may not be overwritten). Plug-ins supported by the Content Management System (CMS) should be used, in addition to Qualtrics. External forms, calendars, etc., are not approved for use.

The following document outlines all mandatory website rules/guidelines for use: Huntsman School Website Guidelines.

All other questions regarding website rules and guidelines should be directed to the School's webmaster, Shara Gibbons, at

Email Marketing

You cannot receive emailing lists to any targeted group at Utah State University. The best way to promote your initiatives via email is to add your event to the calendar at where it will be included in the This Week @ Huntsman weekly email.

Calendar Event Promotion

Please submit any events to though the "Shedule Your Event" button on the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Events Calendar:

The public events calendar is open to anyone in the school. We strongly encourage reviewing this calendar before planning your event to avoid scheduling multiple events in the same time period.

By submitting an event to the public event calendar, your event will automatically be publicized in This Week @ Huntsman.

This Week @ Huntsman email is sent out every Monday during the semester to Huntsman students and faculty/staff. All events submitted by 11 a.m. on the previous Thursday will be included in the weekly email. The open rate in Spring 2017 averaged at 50 percent.

Social Media

Clubs should email Kevin Green at with the details of the promotion. You can also send a private message to the School's Facebook page, mention @Huntsman_School on Twitter or post in the Huntsman School LinkedIn Group.

Social Media Channel Handles/Names

  • Facebook: @huntsmanschool
  • Snapchat: huntsmanschool
  • Instagram: huntsmanschool
  • Twitter: @huntsmanschool
  • YouTube: Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Huntsman School
  • LinkedIn: Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Also, please ensure your club's social media outlets are connected to the School's outlets.

T.V. Screen Promotions

Clubs can create TV slides by following the guidelines listed here. Clubs may submit prepared slides by emailing them to


Visiting alumni and prominent speakers provide a great opportunity for to learn and network with experienced professionals. To make best use of the visiting speaker's time, the Huntsman School would like to contact applicable clubs and classes to see if other would also benefit from hearing this speaker. Please contact Christianna Miles at who will coordinate with clubs or classes to schedule other speaking engagements for the visitor.

Eccles Business Building and Huntsman Hall Event Space Reservations

It is recommended that clubs use classrooms or study rooms for their events. Classrooms can be scheduled by sending an email to Study rooms can be scheduled at EMS (Event Management System) other spaces can be scheduled using EMS as well.