Club Resources

This page provides information about Marketing resources available to Huntsman clubs and organizations. Please explore these tools, and if further assistance is needed, contact

Calendar Event Promotion

  • How do clubs add our event to the Huntsman calendars?
    • Please submit any events to the Huntsman Calendar though the "Submit An Event" button on the Huntsman Events Calendar. Make sure to select the appropriate sub-sponsor of the event. Each week a handful of "Featured Events" are selected from the calendar to be promoted in This Week @ Huntsman. More information can be found on the This Week at Huntsman Guide

Club Recognition Guidelines

  • How do I showcase club achievements?
    • We want to showcase the achievements of our students! There are several ways we do this, including social media shoutouts, club website badges, and our physical award showcase on the first floor of Huntsman Hall. To request club recognition, please fill out our recognition form.

Club Storage Space

  • Where can I keep my clubs stuff?
    • The club storage area is in HH185. Work with your advisor, as they have keys to that area. If your club requires a shelf, email Nate Jensen ( Each club should look at the supplies on their shelf before they go and purchase more. We also have event supplies that clubs can use; decorative lights, linens, décor. You are also responsible for keeping your designated space organized and clean at all times.

Club Website

As of Summer 2022, Clubs are encouraged to create groups within the MyUSU Student Portal. To start the process of creating a group, contact Nate Jensen, Huntsman Club Liaison, Huntsman websites will be provided to Clubs only when the MyUSU Student Portal can't meet their needs.

Event Space Reservations

  • How do clubs schedule spaces in Eccles Business Building or Huntsman Hall for events?
    • It is recommended that clubs use classrooms or study rooms for their events. Classrooms and study rooms can be scheduled at EMS (Event Management System), other spaces can be scheduled using EMS as well. More information can found on the Room Scheduler page.

Email Marketing

  • Can our club send a mass email to all Huntsman?
    • Clubs are not able to send mass emails to any group at USU or within the Huntsman School of Business. Clubs are welcome to send emails to their official club membership list. We recommend that you add events to the Huntsman Calendar.

External Relations Guidelines

  • How can I get industry speakers at my club events?
    • USU has a vast alumni network across every industry imaginable. Our external relations team would love to help you find partners on any number of topics. Please contact Nate Jensen ( to request help finding a speaker.
  • How do I get career opportunities sent to my organization?
    • We would love to send open opportunities to your club. We have several industry partners that love to hire Aggies who are always looking for more ways to connect. Please email Nate Jensen ( to discuss job postings.

Huntsman Swag

  • How can a club order Huntsman Swag?

How to Arrange a Career Trip

  • How can a club arrange a Career Trip?
    • HSB clubs, organizations, or centers are responsible for planning Career Exploration Trips. For specific instructions, refer to the Career Trip Request form linked below. After completing the form and approval is received, the Corporate Relations staff supports communication with targeted companies. If additional support is needed, ensure the appropriate fields are completed on the Career Trip Request form.
    • The club/organization is expected to provide notice 60+ days in advance and that the club/organization hosting the trip will provide a student leader to coordinate. Submit a Request.

Marketing Resources

  • What design resources are available to clubs?
    • Any of the downloadable templates are available to clubs. However, clubs must provide their own graphic designers. There are many qualified student designers on campus. We recommend building professional relationships with the Caine College of the Arts Department of Art and Design.
  • What logo usage rules does our club need to be aware of?
    • Huntsman clubs must display the official Huntsman logo on all printed materials to show its affiliation. Please review the Huntsman Branding Guide before attempting to use the logo. Clubs do not need to include the logo on digital TV slides to be used within the business building. Improper use or lack of the Huntsman logo may result in the delay of printing and/or disposal of printed materials.
  • Does anyone need to approve the use of USU/Huntsman logos in our print materials before they are printed?
    • Your faculty advisor needs to review all documents for any spelling or content errors before printing. Prior to printing send a copy to Nate Jensen ( for logo usage approval.
  • What printers can our club use for printing our materials? Who pays for the prints?
    • Publication Design Production (PDP) and the TSC Copy Center are great on-campus resources for printing. As representatives of the Huntsman, please be generous with the time you give the printers for printing. See our full Printing Guide. Clubs are responsible for all costs associated with printing projects. Check with the departmental staff over your club for payment assistance
  • How/where can our club promote our club events in print?
    • Printed items may be placed on Huntsman School stands. These stands can be found in Huntsman Hall at the North & East Entrance and near the Grand Stairwell of the first & third floor. In Eccles, the stands are located in the East & West entryway and right outside the FJM Center (309). Do not attempt to tape, staple or hang posters on the building's windows, doors or bare walls (including entry ways). Breaking these rules will result in disposal of your items. Clubs can hand out fliers, but please be cautious not to litter on campus or in the Eccles Business Building or Huntsman Hall.

New Club Guidelines

  • How do I make a new club?
    • To make a new club, answer and do the following questions in order:
      1. Who is the faculty advisor for the club?
      2. What department is the club associated with?
      3. How many student members do you have?
      4. How many meetings do you plan on having each semester?
      5. Have you met with Nate Jensen ( to review all of the above?
      6. Afterward, work with Business Services as directed by Nate to set up a club Index.
      7. Once approved, follow the instructions listed under Marketing Resources and Club Website within the Club Resources page.

Social Media

TV Screens

  • How do clubs create/submit slides for the T.V. Screens?
    • Clubs are responsible for designing their own slides. More information and templates can be found on the T.V. Screen Promotions page. Finalized slides may be submitted for review and posting by emailing the workable file(s) to

USU Policies

  • What University policies to clubs need to follow?
    • All marketing efforts made by, or promoted within, the Huntsman School of Business must be in strict accordance with Utah State University Policies. Requests to promote fundraisers and/or non-academic topics, in any marketing form, will be accepted or rejected based on said policies without exception. Prior to submitting your requests, please carefully review the University Policies ( to ensure compliance.
    • Frequent Policy Related Topics

      Receipting of Charitable Contributions (Policy 524):
      University Trademarks (Policy 510): 
      Advertising (Policy 511):