Recruiting at Huntsman

The Huntsman School provides a number of opportunities for our corporate partners to recruit and interact with students. Fill out the recruiting request form below or reach out to one of our corporate relations specialists to begin planning your engagement.
Corporate Engagement Request

The Huntsman School provides a number of opportunities for companies to recruit, both in person and virtual. After filling out the recruiting request form above, you will be contacted by one of our Corporate Relations Specialists who can help you develop a recruiting strategy, plan your visit to campus, invite you to attend in-person and virtual recruiting events, and connect you with faculty and student groups.

The Huntsman School regularly sponsors trips for students to visit corporate offices along the Wasatch Front and beyond, allowing them valuable insight into the company’s business practices, culture, and roles available to graduating students. We also have a number of classes and student programs that require or encourage students to visit companies and shadow professionals.

Huntsman students can benefit greatly from alumni and corporate partners who are willing to give of their time and expertise in mentoring students. Good mentors play a crucial role during a pivotal time in a student’s life, helping them navigate the job search process, make informed decisions about their careers, and gain valuable life-long perspective. The Huntsman School connects students and mentors through a variety of programs.

We truly believe that visiting campus is the best way to experience the Huntsman School, get to know our humble and hardworking students, and connect with our amazing faculty. You can schedule an information table, host an information session or lunch & learn, conduct interviews and speak in classes, all while building brand recognition and visibility for your company.

At the Huntsman School, we are a leader in developing innovative partnerships with industry. We look for collaborations that provide meaningful experiences for our students, opportunities for our faculty to contribute expertise and develop cutting edge research, and projects that provide real value to our corporate partners. One recent collaboration is a data analytics partnership that provides students an opportunity to analyze actual customer data. Using this data, the students can produce recommendations that enable our partner to make sound business decisions.

At the Huntsman School, our corporate sponsors play an important role in helping us develop students who are prepared to add immediate value to professional organizations and become leaders of distinction. In return, sponsors benefit by gaining priority access to top talent, collaboration opportunities with our faculty, and brand exposure for their companies. Visit our sponsorship page to learn more about sponsorship levels and benefits.

Amy Venezia

North American Plastics has had the pleasure of hiring 10 students over the four years of our partnership with Utah State University for inside and outside sales roles, as well as managerial positions. We hire Aggies because of their hearts. The innate sense of a higher purpose, ethics, honestly and integrity that match our core values as a company make Utah State students a natural match for North American Plastics.