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Partners In Business ActivitiesYou are our Partners in Business. The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business aims to be a career accelerator for our students and an engine of growth for our community, our state, our nation, and the world. We take seriously our responsibility to prepare students so that they are ready to add immediate value in their careers and in their communities. We place a high value on our partnerships with all companies who choose to hire our students and we encourage you to explore all the ways you can partner with the Huntsman School of Business.


Why Hire Huntsman?

Crystal Maggelet, CFO, FJ Management"USU students come prepared for anything; they are extremely hard workers and have a lot of integrity and honesty."
Mark James, '86 Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Honeywell"At Honeywell, we want both people who are results-oriented, and who can do it in a collaborative way. That’s what we find in students at Utah State, and that’s why we keep coming back for more."