Differential Tuition

Students taking business courses are charged differential tuition per credit hour as follows:

All current tuition and fees for USU are also noted in the USU Tuition and Fee Schedule (select most recent schedule).

Use of Differential Tuition


The use of differential tuition is governed by the same rules and oversight from the university controller’s office as regular tuition. Please note that all financial data is independently audited annually through the USU Office of Budget & Finance.

The Dean of the School directs the use of differential tuition funds in accordance with university policies and State regulations and in consultation with department and unit leaders. An advisory committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff from the Huntsman School also meets to discuss needs, use, and to provide recommendations. The actions of the committee and dean are governed by a charter for the Huntsman School Differential Tuition Advisory Board. Meeting minutes of this group are provided here:


You may contact the USUSA Business Senator at huntsmansenator.ususa@usu.edu or Huntsman School Associate Dean Dave Patel at dave.patel@usu.edu.