International Business Major

The international business major helps students develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide leadership in the global marketplace. This requires not only being able to manage customers, products, and processes in global supply chains, but also understanding the social, political, and cultural dimensions of business in an international environment. Students who graduate in international business pursue careers in fields like international banking, global purchasing, international logistics, international sales and marketing, economic and trade analysis, and much more.

Career Opportunities

Students with a degree in international business often pursue the following career paths:

  • Economic & Trade Analysis
  • Global Purchasing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Consultant Foreign Exchange
  • Trader
  • Stock Broker
  • Corporate Sales Development Rep.
  • Policy Analyst
  • International Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Financial Services
  • Executive
  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Management Analyst
  • Foreign Service
  • Wealth Management Analyst
  • Sales Rep.
  • Import/Export Management

Meet an International Business Alum

Jessica Brinkerhoff

 I doubled majored in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Linguistics at Utah State University in 2021...My engagement in the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and International Business Club prepared me to work cross culturally and make market-based adaptations based on different cultural preferences. The Women in Business (WBA) prepared me to learn to manage international teams. Overall, all the engagement at USU taught me the importance of taking chances, hard work, and gave me the courage to dare mighty things.

— Jessica Brinkerhoff, International Business Major '21, Global Supply Chain Analyst at International Down and Feather Laboratory

Career Development

At the Huntsman School, we believe in empowering our students to own their education and their careers. Career development opportunities start from the first day at the Huntsman School and continue throughout one's professional life.

Our professional career specialists are equipped with all the tools necessary to help you with interview prep, professional networking, job searching, and so much more!

Career Development Services

ValaRee Reese

ValaRee Reese

Career Specialist
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  • Students will receive a BS by completing all required courses in their major. To receive a BA, students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Admission Requirements

To complete a degree in international business, students must first meet the admission requirements for the degree and be admitted into the degree program. Admission Requirements and Policies

Major Requirements

  1. University Studies Requirements (General Education and Depth Requirements): A group of “general” courses required for each student to fulfill in order to graduate. These courses teach a broad range of skills, knowledge, and values that prepare students for success in their majors and in their personal and professional lives after graduation. Most students complete their University Studies requirements by their junior year.
  2. Huntsman Core Requirements (Business Acumen): a group of entry level courses required for every Huntsman major. These courses ensure that each Huntsman student begins their business career with an understanding of fundamental business principles.
  3. International Business Major Requirements: A group of upper-level courses required to fulfill a respective major. These courses teach skills specific to the area of study in order for students to become specialized in their chosen field.

Requirement Sheets

When you declare a major and are admitted into a program, your major requirements are set and protected from changes. The date you are admitted into a program determines your catalog year and your set of requirements. The Major Requirement Sheets listed below match up with the requirements for each catalog year. Begin by selecting the requirement sheet that matches the catalog year you declared (or plan to declare) your major.

Requirement sheet (Eff. Fall 2022)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Fall 2021)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Fall 2020)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Fall 2019)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Spring 2019)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Summer 2018)

Requirement sheet (Eff. Fall 2017)

Sample 4-Year Plan

The plan is an example of how students may plan their own course of study by taking 15 credits per semester, and interweaving of their General Education requirements with their major requirements, to finish in four years. It is important to remember that some GE and Major requirements overlap. If a course can be counted for both GE and the major, then students can take more electives to fulfill their overall degree credit requirements.

The sample four-year plan below is designed to help students plan a course of study to complete their degree program in four years. The sample plan is subject to changed and will vary based on catalog year and course work already completed by each student (placement tests, AP/CLEP credit, transfer work, summer school, etc.).

Current Four Year Plan

Academic Advising

Nicholas Bonomo

Nick Bonomo

EBB 309

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Statewide Campus Advising

Students pursuing a distance education major must contact the advisors at their specific location.

Statewide Campus Advisors

Available Locations

  • Logan Main Campus