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Minor in International Business

International Business Minor IconThe International Business Minor is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide leadership in the global marketplace. The curriculum includes training in the management of customers, products, and supply chains as well as an understanding of the social, political, and cultural dimensions of business in an international environment.

Minor Requirements

An overall GPA of  2.67, 40 completed credits and acceptance into a degree program is required for enrollment in any business minor and business course 3000 level or higher.

This minor is designed primarily for business majors. A student from outside the Huntsman School of Business who desires to pursue the minor must recognize that there are several prerequisites to the required courses, which may themselves have prerequisites. As an alternative, students from outside the Huntsman School of Business may want to consider the minor in Business.

Course Number Course Name Credits
FIN 4300

International Finance Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in FIN 3400 - Corporate Finance

* MSLE/ MGT 3820 International Management 2
* MSLE/ MGT 4050 International Marketing (Fall) Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in MGT 3500 - Fundamentals of Marketing 2
MGT 4790 Managing Global Value Chains Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in MGT 3700 – Operations Management 2

Choose one course from the following:

ECN 3400 Global Economic Institutions 3
MGT 3830 International Law (Spring) 2


Chose one of the following options (A, B, C, or D) listed below.

Course Number Course Name Credits
A. Choose 6 credits from the following:
CS 1400/1500 Intro. to Computer Science 4
FIN 4410 Financial Institutions 3
FIN 4450 Advance Corporate Finance 3
FIN 4460 Investments 3
FIN 4490 Hedge Funds & Private Equity 3
FIN 4495 Investment Banking 3
MGT 3710 Team Management 2
* MSLE/MGT 4510 Consumer Behavior 2
* MSLE/MGT 4531 Competitive Intelligence & Data Visualization 2
* MSLE/MGT 4532 Data-Driven Decision Making 2
* MSLE/MGT 4533 Big Market Insights from Big Data 2
* MSLE/MGT 4534 Survey Research 2
* MSLE/MGT 4535 Promotional Strategy 2
* MSLE/MGT 4590 Marketing Strategy 3
MGT 4720 Production Planning & Control 2
MGT 4740 Process Analytics & Develop. 2
MGT 5730 Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement 3
MIS 3500 Intro to Business Applications 3
MIS Elective 1   3
MIS Elective 2   3

* Update: Select MGT courses have been updated to MSLE effective Spring 2019. Students who completed courses under the MGT course prefix do not need to complete the course again under the MSLE prefix.


B. Demonstrate competence in a second language. This can be demonstrated either by

  • A minor or major in a second language
  • Sixteen semester credits of a second language at an accredited school
  • Passing a language challenge competency exam and successful completion of the next higher class
  • Successful completion of the BYU Language Test (minimum of sixteen credits)
  • Sixteen credits from the Intensive English Language Institute or a TOEFL score of 500


C. Demonstrate international work experience or undertake an internship.

Complete an approved international work experience or internship (min 6 weeks).


D. Spend a minimum of one semester studying at an approved overseas institute of higher education or participate in an approved overseas global learning experience.

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