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Marketing Major

Marketing is an interdisciplinary career path in business. A marketing degree can open many doors in a wide range of industries, including advertising, media, and sales activities. The modern marketer understands and influences buyer and seller behavior. Within the socio-economic and political environment, the marketer plans, prices, promotes, and distributes goods and services.

The marketing program is housed in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, the oldest business school west of the Mississippi. USU has offered business degrees since 1894 and has long held prestigious accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International and continues to be on the forefront of advanced business education.

Students will receive a BS by completing all required courses in their major. To receive a BA, students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Available at the following Locations:

Logan Main Campus

Regional Campus Centers:

Blanding (USU Eastern), Brigham City, Castle Dale, Cortez, Grantsville, Ignacio, Moab, Montezuma Creek, Monticello, Mounment Valley, Price (USU Eastern), Roosevelt (Uintah Basin), Tooele, Tremonton, Vernal (Uintah Basin), Wendover

Snow College Campus

Dare Mighty Thinsg TogetherThe Huntsman School of Business and Snow College have partnered to offer the Huntsman School Marketing Major at the Snow College Campus. To learn more about this opportunity

Learn More about Campus Availability at:

With a degree in marketing, students may pursue the following careers:

  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Retail
  • Customer relations
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Brand management
  • Market research
  • Product management
  • Public relations specialist
  • Sales representative
  • Investment manager
  • Media planner
  • Financial services
  • Marketing assistant

Major Requirement Introduction

  • Students must be formally admitted to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
  • Students may complete up to 15 USU Huntsman School of Business required credits numbered 2000 and above including transfer credits prior to formal admittance to the Huntsman School.
  • Students transferring more than 15 acceptable credits must receive Huntsman School admittance prior to completing further Huntsman School required courses.
  • Huntsman School applications are processed every semester. Applications must be received by December 1 for Spring, April 1 for Summer, and July 1 for Fall.
  • Minimum grade requirement for MIS 2200 and ENGL 2010 will be applied and based on admission time period.
  • In order to register for 3000-, 4000- and 5000-level courses in the Huntsman School, a 2.67 overall GPA is required.
  • Completion of a minimum of 40 credits numbered 3000 or above.
  • A 2.50 GPA in core and major courses is required for graduation.
  • For semester availability and prerequisites, see the USU general catalog.
  • All Utah State University graduation requirements must be met. Check USU catalog for more information regarding requirements.
  • It is strongly recommended that graduation applications be completed two semesters prior to graduation.

USU Requirements

Requirements Credits
Total Credits 120
C- or better credits 100
Upper Division 40
USU residency credits 30

University Studies Requirements

Competency Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENGL 1010 (CL1) Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose (or AP English or ACT English ≥29 or CLEP) 3
ENGL 2010* (CL2) Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode 3
MATH 1050 (QL) College Algebra QL (or AP Calculus score of 3 or better or ACT Math ≥ 26 or CLEP or one course in Math or Stats requiring Math 1050 as a prerequisite) 4

* This course must be completed with a C grade or higher.

Breadth Requirements

Select at least one approved course from each of the following six categories. (A maximum of 4 CLEP or AP areas may be used.) Approved courses can be found in the USU catalog, the semester schedule book, and online at

Course Name Course Number Credits
American Inst. (BAI) ECN 1500 3
Creative Arts (BCA) Approved Course 3
Humanities (BHU) Approved Course   3
Life Sciences (BLS) Approved Course   3
Physical Sciences (BPS) Approved Course   3
Social Science (BSS) ECN 2010 3
Integrated Studies STAT 2300 (QL)* 4

* This course must be completed with a C grade or higher.

Requirements Credits

Required Depth Courses (Two courses outside discipline)

3000+ Level Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) Approved Course 2-3
3000+ Level Life and Physical Science (DSC) Approved Course 3

Communications Intensive (Two Courses)

MIS 3200: Business Communication 3
Approved Course 3

Quantitative Intensive (One course which is part of major)

FIN 3400: Corporate Finance 3

Marketing Major Requirements

It is Huntsman School policy that course grade point averages in 3000 level acumen courses do not exceed 3.0.

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting Principles 3
ECN 1500 Econ Institutions (Macroeconomics (BAI) 3
ECN 2010 Intro to Microeconomics (BSS) 3
FIN 3200 Financial Management 3
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (QI) 3
MGT 1050 Foundations of Business (Entering Freshman Only) 3
MGT 2050 Business Law 2
MGT 3500** Fundamentals of Marketing 3
MGT 3700 Operations Management 2
MGT 3800 Leadership 2
MGT 3890 System Strategy & Problem Solving 2
MIS 2100 Principles of MIS 3
MIS 3200 Business Communications (CI) 3
MIS 3300 Big Data Analytics (QI) 3
STAT 2300 OR 2000 Business Statistics (QL) 4

Entering Freshmen Fall 2016 must have at least a C grade in all acumen courses.
**These courses must be completed with a B- grade or higher

Required Courses 18 Credits

(B- or better required in MGT 3500)
(MIS 3200 is recommended prior to beginning marketing major requirements.)

Course Number Course Name Credits
MGT 4510 Buyer Behavior 2
MGT 4535 Promotional Strategy** 2
MGT 4550 Brand Management 2
MGT 4560 Strategic Sales** 2
MGT 4590 Marketing Strategy 3
MGT 4890 Strategic Planning and Execution (CI) 3
Choose 2 marketing research electives from the following 4 courses:
MGT 4531
MGT 4532
MGT 4533
MGT 4534
Competitive Intelligence Making**
Data Driven Decision Mking**
Big Market Insight - Big Data**
Survey Research**

**Please Note: To help students choose a career track and to prepare for more advanced and specialized training with the electives and capstone courses, it is strongly recommended that students first complete the Marketing Research courses (MGT 4531, 4532, 4533 or 4534), Promotional Strategy MGT 4535 and Strategic Sales MGT 4560 before taking the marketing electives.

Electives (8-10 Credits)

Choose four of the following courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MGT 3530 New Venture Marketing 2
MGT 3850
Sports Management 2
MGT 3855 Sustainability Marketing 2
MGT 3875 Strategic Advertising 2
MGT 4050 International Marketing (Fall) 2
MGT 4540 Social and New Media 2
MGT 4545 Marketing and Sales Technology 2
MGT 4570 Consumer Choice Modeling 2
MGT 4600 Negotiations 2
MGT 4790 Managing Global Value Chains 2
MGT 4250
BUS 2000
Advanced Marketing Internship OR
Foundations for Global Learning
PSY 3010 Psychological Statistics 4

Career Tracks:

  • A=Strategic Sales and Account Management
  • B=Marketing Analytics
  • C=Marketing Management
  • D=Global Marketing

Strategic Sales and Account Management prepares you to initiate and grow relationships with strategically important customers across diverse business-to-business markets. Careers in this track include account managers, account development representatives, sales managers, and business development representatives.

Marketing Analytics prepares you to identify marketing data needs within an organization, formulate research objectives and then collect, analyze, and report research findings using primary and secondary data sources. Careers in marketing analytics include marketing research associates, business intelligence analysts, search engine optimization/web analytics, and research project management.

Marketing Management prepares you to manage marketing campaigns using strategic skills, market research, consumer and business behavior, brand management, sales, and advertising in the marketing environment. Careers in marketing management include brand and product management, digital/internet/social media management, and advertising/promotional account management.

Global Marketing prepares you to adapt marketing and sales strategies to a wide variety of environments and cultures. Careers in global marketing focus on identifying and developing international marketing efforts in foreign countries which includes promotions and sales support, expanding upon existing markets by tracking sales and analyzing these markets to increase sales and profitability.

Elective Topics (Select 4)

Course Number / Course Name A B C D
  A B C D
MGT 3530 New Venture Marketing - 2 cr X   X  
MGT 3850 Sports Managment  (Fall) - 2 cr X   X  
MGT 4050 International Marketing (Fall) - 2 cr     X X
MGT 4540 Social & New Media - 2 cr     X  
MGT 4545 Marketing & Sales Technology - 2 cr X X X X
MGT 4570 Consumer Choice Modeling - 2 cr   X    
MGT 4600 Negotiations - 2 cr X     X
MGT 4790 Manage Global Value Chains - 2 cr X     X
MGT 4250 Internship or BUS 2000 Go Global - 2 cr X X X X
PSY 3010 Psychological Statistics - 3 cr   X    

Advisor Contact Info

Advisor: Barbara Baird
Office: EBB 309
Phone Number: 435.797.2272

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