Telling Your Story

"Tell me about yourself"

This is a question you are certain to be asked, in one form or another, at the start of a job or internship interview, networking events, or informational interviews and job shadows. Knowing your story is key in order to make a positive impression and present yourself as a confident professional.

To ready yourself for your job and internship search, it is important to know how to communicate your knowledge, skills, and experience to employers in a clear and concise way. By reflecting on the following, you’ll gain valuable preparation for your elevator pitch and interviewing, and even your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn summary.

Three Parts to Your Story:

  1. Who you are – name, major, your interests, experiences, education, relevant skills to the position?
    • Why you are interesting?
  2. Where you are going – your aspirations/goals?
    • Why are you interested in a specific industry/trends/employer?
  3. How you plan to get there – your short-term tactics and long-term strategies for turning your dreams into reality?
    • What brings you here/to this moment? Inquire about specifics of an internship or job opportunity?

Tips to Consider:

  • Avoid going into too much depth on your personal history and focus on conveying information that is important to the opportunity.
  • Determine your strengths and find a way to incorporate them into your story.
  • Review your resume and choose which pieces of your background and experience you want to highlight.
  • Consider how your interests, skills, and values are important to your story.
  • Meet with a Career Coach to develop and practice telling your story.

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