Elevator Pitch

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief persuasive speech that conveys who you are and used to spark interest in you. Typically about 1-3 sentence statement which communicates why you are someone worth hiring. It should be about 20-30 seconds in length. Think IMS: Interesting, Memorable, Succinct.

I: Interesting

M: Memorable

S: Succinct

As you craft your elevator pitch, keep in mind that you want to demonstrate the value you bring to the organization, goals, and uniqueness. At the end, be sure to engage with a questions to spark conversation.

Putting it all together: formulate answers to the following statements.

  • Who you are
  • What are your qualifications
  • Why you are interested in the job position/internship/industry
  • What can you do for them—what problems can you solve

Practice makes perfect! After you write your elevator pitch, practice it out loud. The more you practice it, the more easily and natural you will be able to recite it.


“Hello, my name is _________________________. I am pursuing Business Administration at the Huntsman School of Business at USU. In my studies, I have focused in Management and Human Resources. I have experience in management through my work or experiential learning at ____________________. I hear that your organization does ________. Can you share more about it?

The simple elevator pitch template

Who you are? What are your qualifications? What benefits/value do you bring? What makes you unique? What are you seeking? (This area with some graphics under or to the side of each one to bring attention to them).

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