Late Add

After the waitlist is removed, students that want to add a class that is full can now complete the “Registration Options form.” This shows the add/drop courses. They must receive the instructor’s signature then bring the form to the advisor for authorization. This does not guarantee them a spot in the class, but the advisor will give them authorization to register if a spot opens.

You can pick up the “Registration Options form” at the Registrar’s office, the START desk or EBB 309 Monday thru Friday, 8:00-5:00.

Even if the professor signed an add form, you still may not be able to take the course. You will not be able to add the class if you do not meet the prerequisites. Also, some classroom designs restrict the number of students allowed in the classroom. If you have questions, please make an appointment to see your advisor.

Please remember to check with your academic advisor or the Registrar’s office for when is the last day you can add/drop courses or change your general courses to pass/fail.