Global Learning

A globalized economy needs business professionals who understand the relationships between people, culture, and economic activity. With such an understanding, a person can cultivate a global mindset that allows them to identify opportunities across a broad spectrum of different countries and economies. As many business leaders understand, a global mindset cannot be taught, it comes with experience.

Global Learning Experiences

The Huntsman School of Business offers Global Learning Experiences that facilitate the development of a global mindset and prepare students for entry into a business environment that extends beyond borders.

The Global Learning Experiences Program offers students the opportunity to go on trips to Peru, London, Paris, and more. Visit the Global Experiences Program Site for more information on the trips offered.

SEED Program

The SEED Program (Small Enterprise Education and Development) offers an international internship experience that distinguishes students among their peers and allows them to take what they've learned in the classroom and apply it to real life. Students live abroad for a full school semester to teach, mentor, and assist entrepreneurs in developing countries and help them break the poverty cycle.

Learn more about the SEED Program.