Business Acumen

The Business Acumen is a set of 16 courses that every business major is required to take, regardless of their major. This allows each student at the Huntsman School to get a foundational business background in addition to the specialized knowledge of their selected major.

The goals of the Huntsman School acumen are to:

  • Introduce key business disciplines including accounting, finance, leadership, marketing, and operations.
  • Examine the broader economic, legal, and social context within which business activity occurs.
  • Develop important quantitative, information technology, and communication skills used by decision makers.

The acumen provides the platform upon which students can develop specific skills and competencies offered by the School's seven majors and sixteen minors.

  • Acumen requires C or better in all courses except:
    • Accounting
      • B or better in ACCT 2010
    • Business Administration (Teach Out)
      • B- or better in MSLE 3500 and MGT 3700
    • Economics
      • This major does not require the acumen courses but does require a C or better in all courses
    • Finance
      • B- or better in FIN 3200 and FIN 3400
    • International Business
      • B- or better in FIN 3200, FIN 3400, and MGT 3700, B or better in MSLE 3500
    • Management
      • B- or better in MGT 3700, MGT 3250, and FIN 3200
    • Marketing
      • B or better in MSLE 3500