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School of Accountancy Assessment

We are mission driven. Our assessment process is intended and designed to drive fulfillment of our mission. Our mission statement states that our top priority is to provide an excellent learning environment for our students. Our guiding principles define our priorities and activities that drive success in achieving that mission. The School of Accountancy (SOA) at Utah State University is committed to continuous improvement as we strive to fulfill our mission. The following diagram illustrates the assessment plan that is followed, and the feedback loop that is created to provide an environment of continuous improvement within the SOA.

Process of SOA

As can be seen, we measure data from students, employers, and recruiters to ensure that we are truly a school of opportunity which prepares our students for successful careers and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. The school of business has well–defined learning goals and objectives. Each of these learning goals and objectives is mapped to specific courses within the core curriculum of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. In addition, we have defined learning goals for our classes. These department learning goals and objectives are mapped to specific courses within our curriculum. Our success in meeting these objectives is assessed through embedded assessment within courses and through external assessment by industry experts and employer feedback.

The outcomes data are reviewed by the department. The department has been successfully meeting its learning goals and fulfilling its mission. When outcomes data suggests an opportunity for improvement, we take specific action and document these data–based decisions.

We welcome suggestions for improvement and are always interested in feedback from our alumni, friends, employers and students. You may contact Dr. Larry Walther by phone 435.797.8697 or by email at