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School of Accountancy Ranked Nationally Again

November  2017

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The School of Accountancy in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has once again been ranked as one of the best accounting programs in the nation.

Students in ClassThe School of Accountancy was ranked #3 nationally for undergraduate programs and #8 for master’s programs, for schools with 17 or fewer faculty members. Overall, the undergraduate program is ranked #40 among all of the nation’s accounting programs, while the master’s program is ranked #50. The recognition in the 2017 Public Accounting Report marks the sixth consecutive year that the accounting program has been ranked in the top 50 programs nationwide.  

“I think it’s a great ranking,” said Christopher Skousen, associate department head of the School of Accountancy. “It says a lot about how our program is viewed throughout the country.”

For the faculty of the accounting program, the ranking helps them understand where they stand currently on a national basis and how to make goals for the future.

“For us, it’s a great understanding to know how we are perceived,” said Skousen. “Professionally, it helps us to know we are on the right track.”

Accounting student Jacob Smith feels that he is privileged to be in the program. His love for the program is credited to those who lead and teach in it.

“The accounting program is fueled by a faculty and staff characterized by their leadership, knowledge, and sacrifice,” said Smith. “They go the extra mile in everything that they do. Every time I have a question, accounting-related or not, my professors drop everything they are doing to counsel with me. I have spent hours in their offices and can say with confidence that they care not only about my professional career, but my personal well-being.”

Although the faculty and others involved in the program are talented teachers, it does not mean the program is an easy one. Smith stated that everyone in the major will agree that the course work is rigorous and requires hours outside of class to master the material. However, Smith and many other students feel that this is great preparation for the professional world.

“Professors know that ‘easy’ does not prepare students for their careers,” said Smith. “My love for accounting and the USU School of Accountancy has grown tremendously as I've taken the coursework seriously. 

With the ranking finalized, does it really mean anything to the students in the program? Or is it just another number among the thousands they look at in their daily studies.

“The ranking validates and strengthens the positive feelings I have toward the program,” said Smith. “It tells me that I am not the only one who has noticed how amazing this program is. It gives me confidence that I will be prepared to face real-world challenges in my career.”

Smith’s thoughts are confirmed by USU alumnus Ken Jeppesen, who graduated in 1999 and is currently a partner at the accounting firm Eide Bailly. He often recruits USU accounting students to the firm, and is proud of the work they accomplish.

“Utah State accounting students are always so bright,” said Jeppesen. “We love having Aggies working for us. It makes me proud knowing that I went there and that the program only continues to grow and improve.”

The program instills in its students an eagerness for the professional world.

“I need to go out and make a difference in the workplace and let everyone know I am an Aggie,” said Smith. “As our school climbs in ranking, so will the expectation of our future employers. The world wants more Aggie accountants.”

The School of Accountancy at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business achieves excellence in accounting education by providing an engaged learning experience and empowering students to distinguish themselves as ethical, dedicated, and successful business professionals. For more information, visit