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Professor Aaron Brough Featured on NPR and Scientific American

March  2018

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On Why Men Live Less Eco-Friendly Lifestyles than Women

Excerpt from NPR – “The main takeaway from this study is that there's a widespread stereotype that people hold, both men and women, that ecofriendly behaviors are feminine. And because of that, men are sometimes reluctant to go green because they want to maintain their gender identity. And what we've found is that this reluctance that men have to go green can be overcome by either affirming their masculinity or rebranding ecofriendly products is more masculine.”

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Excerpt from Scientific American – “We showed that there is a psychological link between eco-friendliness and perceptions of femininity. Due to this ‘green-feminine stereotype,’ both men and women judged eco-friendly products, behaviors, and consumers as more feminine than their non-green counterparts.”

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