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Service to Campus and Country

October  2014

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timothy mcfall

Timothy McFall is a Staff Sergeant in the Utah Army National Guard and has been an active member for over 12 years. He has served two overseas combat tours, once to Iraq in 2004 as an artillery forward observer, where he was awarded a Purple Heart, and once to Afghanistan in 2010 as a medical platoon sergeant, responsible for the daily medical operations of a base near the border with Pakistan. Between deployments, Tim taught leadership skills and small unit tactics at the 640th Regimental Training Institute in Riverton, Utah.

Following his most recent deployment, he returned to USU to earn a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Tim greatly enjoys working with fellow students, and recently served as president of the USU Association for Information Systems (AIS), a student organization that helps MIS students prepare for careers in Information Systems and Technology. Tim was also selected as Conference Coordinator for the 2014 Partners in Business Leadership Conference.

Tim has found a passion for data science and is currently a research assistant and undergraduate teaching fellow working with Dr. Nicole Forsgren-Velasquez. His research involves using programming skills and statistical techniques to discover hidden patterns and trends in the world. Tim has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters, and is looking forward to taking them to Disneyland after he graduates next year.