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New Faculty and Staff

September  2015

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Huntsman Post

Due to retirements and the addition of new resources, the Huntsman School added twenty three new faculty and staff.

Tanya Beaulieu, Assistant Professor, MIS Department

tanya beaulieu

Dominic Bria, Marketing Manager, Shingo Institutue

Dominic Bria

Anna Brown, Assistant Professor, Accounting Department

Anna Brown

Cheryl Burgess, Lecturer, MIS Department

Cheryl Burgess

Bret Crane, Assistant Professor, Marketing Department

Bret Crane

Jenna Daniels, HR Specialist

Jenna Daniels

Tonya Davis, Employer Relations

tonya davis

Rick Edgeman, Clinical Professor, Management Department, Director of Research Shingo Institute

Rick Edgeman

Gayla Foster, Program Coordinator, Global Enrichment

Gayla Foster

Christopher Hartwell, Assistant Professor, Management Department

Chris Hartwell

Rick Hornsby, Lecturer, Economics and Finance Department

Rick Hornsby

Trisha Hunsaker, Marketing Coordinator

Trisha Hunsaker

Inchan Kim, Visiting Professor, MIS Department

inchan kim

Cindy Larsen, Staff Assistant, Management Department

Cindy Larsen

Kenzie Lawlor, Recruiting Officer

Kenzie Lawlor

Jin Li, Undergraduate Advisor, China Cooperative Programs

Jin Li

Kari Olsen, Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy

Kari Olsen

Adam Olson, Visiting Professor, School of Accountancy

Adam Olson

Strat Roper, Senior Lecturer, Management Department

Strat Roper

Annette Petersen, Undergraduate Advisor

Annette Petersen

Andy Thunell, Program Coordinator, Clark Center for Entrepreneurship

Andy Thunnell

Mike Torgesen, Finance Specialist

Mike Torgesen

Mark Winkel, Undergraduate Advisor, China Cooperative Programs

Mark Winkel