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MIS Faculty - Awards and Publications

October  2015

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This month two MIS professors were recognized for outstanding research and thought leadership in their field.

Pamela Dupin Bryant

Professor Pam Dupin-Bryant received the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS) Ben Bauman Award for Excellence award which recognizes a faculty member who has compiled an outstanding record of professional service, teaching, and scholarship, and has made significant contributions to their university and their profession. 

“Throughout my career, I have worked to serve others and to be actively engaged in my profession, university, and community,” Professor Dupin-Bryant said. “I strive to be a positive force in the lives of others. This award is a highlight of my career since it recognizes academic achievement in research and teaching as well as the value of significant and long-term service.”

“Professor Dupin-Bryant is an outstanding faculty member,” said Dave Olsen, MIS department head. “She is so smart and works hard for our department and our industry.”

Inchan Kim, a visiting assistant professor, was recently published in MIS Quarterly, the premier journal in Management Information Systems. His piece, Jamming with Social Media: How Cognitive Structuring of Organizing Vision Facets Affects IT Innovation Diffusion, finds that firms talk about social media in four ways – as a tool for (1) increasing business efficiency, (2) improving marketing activities, (3) conducting and representing corporate social responsibility activities, and (4) giving and attracting attention.

Inchan Kim

More importantly, the study further shows that the way the talk is done (e.g., coherent talk) can influence the adoption and use of social media and possibly other information technologies across a community of firms. This study helps manager understand different ways social media can potentially benefit their firms. Managers, when making decisions on technology investment, will also benefit from paying attention to how the technology is talked about in a community of interested firms.

"We often focus on the characteristics of information technology when explaining the adoption and use of the technology,” Professor Kim said. “However, what we perceive of technology and how the perception is created and shared among interested firms is also crucial to understanding technology adoption and use."