We are proud Aggies, brothers, and recent graduates of the Huntsman School of Business. Our time at Huntsman was truly one of the best experiences of our lives. We met impactful mentors and made lifelong friends during our time there.

In addition to what we learned in the classroom, the Huntsman School taught us that integrity is the absolute priority. We learned the value of diversity and the importance of cultures, people, and languages different from ours. We learned how to embrace unfamiliar tasks and environments. And from Jon Huntsman, we learned the value of giving back.

We were each fortunate to receive scholarships to help us take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Huntsman School. We now want to give back so that other students can have the type of experiences we had, and so we recently pledged to give to the Huntsman School of Business.

We want to challenge you to join us in supporting Huntsman students. A donation of $365 a year is only $1 a day, but its cumulative impact can be great if we all contribute.

Make a Gift

We hope that you join us in our dollar a day donation, so that the next generation of Huntsman students can dare mighty things!


Scott Wilcox

Finance & Economics '18
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Steve Wilcox

International Business & Marketing '16
The Walt Disney Company

Scott and Steve Wilcox