Huntsman Post - December 2016
Your gift makes all the difference to one of our 2,300 students.
Greetings from beautiful Cache Valley. We just completed our first full semester in Huntsman Hall, and already, I find myself thinking how did we ever live without this incredible facility! We also completed our first semester with Fridays devoted entirely to extracurricular programming focused around career development. We believe this initiative will greatly help to accelerate career preparation for our students.
Brooke Gunnell, a freshman from Lone Peak High School and recipient of the Huntsman Alumni Scholarship, typifies the bright and hard-working students who make working here so rewarding. She is daring mighty things, and this holiday season, I hope you will join me in supporting Brooke and others just like her.
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Brooke Gunnell 
Brooke Gunnell
Cedar Hills, UT
Class of 2020

My goal is to never let my parents pay a dime for my college education. I worked hard and applied for every scholarship I could. My scholarships make it possible for me to take full advantage of everything college offers.

I love the Huntsman School motto to “Dare Mighty Things.” To me, that means to try new experiences, meet new people, and force myself out of my comfort zone. It means to help others, even when it isn’t easy or convenient. It means to acknowledge my fears, but have the courage to not let those fears hold me back from going after what I want.

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