Huntsman Post - August 2016

While Cache Valley temperatures still reach into the 90s, summer is quickly nearing an end for us at the Huntsman School. The faculty and staff will hold our annual Fall Start-Up meeting on August 18 as we prepare to welcome bright, new faces into our bright, new building on August 29.

As we commemorate the end of summer, I am so excited to note that Jeff Johnson, associate professor in our Management Information Systems Department, was granted a patent that could revolutionize online security. The revolution in telecommunications and ecommerce has transformed our lives, but the speed and ease of communications and commerce are unfortunately counterbalanced by the lack of privacy and security. Many of us have had to deal with stolen credit card numbers, or worse, identity theft, and online hacking is becoming a tool of geopolitical gamesmanship. Jeff’s innovation, to use language-based encryption rather than math-based encryption, has the potential to change the entire cybersecurity industry.

Our global economy demands that we educate and expose our students to the economics, politics, business, and culture outside of the United States. Our Global Learning Experiences Program, now over a decade old, continues to find innovative ways to provide opportunities for our students to see firsthand how business is conducted around the world.

Finally, I want to introduce Sam Brand, our new development officer, to our alumni community. Sam is an Aggie who brings a wealth of sales and business development experience to our team, and I am sure he will be reaching out to you soon.


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