Huntsman Post - January 2015
Huntsman Post - January 2015

As we strive to keep our recently made New Year's resolutions, I encourage you to read Huntsman professor Scott Hammond's article in Wallet Hub on the most important financial resolutions for 2015. It is a great reminder to keep improving our skill-sets and to always remember the value of serving others.

Our video this month features Luis Patino, a first-generation immigrant from Mexico who is now living the American Dream. Luis, who graduated with honors as a Huntsman Scholar, made it his resolution to take full advantage of the Huntsman experience. He was a model student inside the classroom, and participated in several of our extracurricular opportunities, traveling around the world with our study abroad programs, and serving in various student leadership positions. He began work recently with PwC in Boston.

As the new year brings challenges and joys, I wish you much success in your endeavors and as always, I encourage you to Dare Mighty Things.

Happy New Year and best wishes,

Douglas D. Anderson
OmniUpdate Admin