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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Winter 2018

My Huntsman Experience

Derick MoralesDerick Morales ’18, Marketing

When I entered the Huntsman School of Business in the spring of 2015, a then graduating senior named Steve Clark told me of his experience in beginning a great career with Koch Industries. He assured me that as long as I worked hard the faculty and staff in the Huntsman School would help me accomplish my career goals. Now as I prepare for graduation, I’ve seen the fruition of that promise. Thanks to the generosity of donors, I have been able to acquire some incredible experiences in various clubs and programs. I was able to gain valuable skills, managing the profit and loss, product offering, marketing, and event management for the Partners In Business Program. This experience positioned me to intern at General Mills (7-year old me would have been ecstatic!) and eventually accept a full-time offer to work for General Mills in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t change a thing about my undergraduate experience at the Huntsman School, and owe much of my success to the incredible faculty who taught and mentored me, the staff who prepared and practiced with me, peers who challenged me to be the best version of myself, and lastly, community partners who offer support to the School and make this experience possible.

Some of Derick’s experiences include:

  • Partners in Business- Managing Director
  • Huntsman Consulting Group- Founder and President
  • ProSales student club member
  • USU Ambassador President
  • USUSA Student Fee Board, Voting Member, Student-at-Large
  • Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Mentor
  • Soon to be 2018 Fantasy Football Champion