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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Winter 2018

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Marketstar/Pinterest Sales Competition

Marketstar and Pinterest executives judged a sales competition at the Huntsman School during which student teams pitched Pinterest as a viable marketing platform for a case company. Participants had the opportunity to attend instructional sessions on digital marketing and sales techniques taught by MarketStar and Pinterest professionals, and winning team members each received $1,000 scholarship awards and the opportunity to compete at a national sales competition.

Sales Champion Competition Winners

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HireVue CEO Encourages Versatility

HireVue provides the Huntsman School with licenses to a video interview platform that students can use to develop video interviewing skills many will need to land a top job in today’s market. Kevin Parker, CEO at HireVue, delivered the Focused Friday Leadership Forum on November 10th, where he encouraged students to remain versatile in the workforce and take advantage of global opportunities. Parker shared his passion about HireVue’s role in democratizing the hiring process by enabling companies to reach a larger and more diverse hiring pool and remove human biases from the interviewing process. According to Parker, “The future for HireVue focuses around the question of can we do a better job matching candidates with jobs? Can we create a generic video interview and then use artificial intelligence and algorithms to better match talent to opportunity?” The full interview can be found at

Kevin Parker HireVue CEO

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