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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Winter 2018

Conducting Academic Research

Students at Conference in IncelandThis summer I had the opportunity to attend the Business of Teaching Conference and conduct research with a group of students and professors in Iceland and Denmark. Although I am not a professor, I was drawn to this conference because I wanted to be exposed to unique perspectives about unfamiliar fields of study and present research to an international body.

It was initially daunting to believe I could add value to the conversations at the conference; however, as time passed, I felt I quickly gained my stride among these professionals, and I now feel more prepared to hold my own in similar future situations. It was academically rewarding to present our work and research at such a notable conference, and the confidence I gained through the process has inspired me to aim for similar presentation opportunities for my own research.

It was an incredible experience to interact with professors from around the world and collaborate on our shared goals of improving undergraduate education. I am grateful to know there are educators who care so deeply about the success of their students.

— Jacklyn Sullivan ‘18, Economics & Statistics