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Huntsman Business - 2020 Issue

Engine of Growth

Hope Corps

The Hope Corps is a statewide effort to assist small businesses, nonprofits, and the people of Utah by connecting students with internship and project opportunities to provide innovative solutions to issues posed by the pandemic and to stimulate economic recovery. Funding for the Hope Corps was provided through the Utah Community Builders organization and other private donors.

The Cache Valley chapter of the Hope Corps was formed in May 2020, with support from the Center for Entrepreneurship in the Huntsman School. A team of over a dozen student interns, possessing a variety of skills and a broad range of experience, were brought together with a mission to work side by side to support Cache Valley businesses and organizations through these difficult times. Over the last few months, the Cache Valley Hope Corps team has spent hundreds of hours working on projects for different organizations based on their individual needs. They have created social media advertising campaigns, developed websites, assisted with bookkeeping and accounting solutions, and designed digital marketing collateral among many others. Their impact has been felt and appreciated within the community, and the students have enjoyed the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom and use them in a transformative way.

Learn and Work in Utah

As a part of the Learn and Work in Utah initiative, the Huntsman School created two programs to help members of the community adversely affected by Covid-19. Created and funded through the federal CARES Act, these programs are designed to help members of the community advance their personal skills or to grow their businesses, with tuition costs covered through the CARES Act.

Marketing Department faculty members Sterling Bone and Eric Schulz, and career specialist Mandy Stadel are leading a Marketing Professional Sales Program. The seven-week online program launched on September 1 and included a curriculum comprised of marketing in the digital age, strategic sales management, and career development. The initial program, open for 120 participants, filled up within a week.

Huntsman School Center for Entrepreneurship director Mike Glauser, along with faculty, staff, and students, designed a program to help local small businesses grow. The fourteen-week program provides business owners tools to rethink, relaunch and revive their companies; improve their livelihoods; and create jobs for others in their communities. The training is delivered through online modules, virtual collaboration groups, and personal mentoring from consultants.