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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Fall 2016

Pam Dupin-Bryant — Passion For Higher Education

Pam Dupin-BryantIn a constantly changing world, where the concept of working in one field, let alone for one employer, for a lifetime, is becoming a rare thing, Dr. Pamela Dupin-Bryant has been a ‘True Blooded Aggie’ for over twenty years. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Utah State and has held academic positions at USU since 1994. Dr. Dupin-Bryant attributes this longevity to her passion for teaching young people and for her love of Utah State. This dedication to teaching has brought numerous accolades throughout her career, with the latest the recognition by USU as the 2016 Eldon J. Gardner Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Dupin-Bryant has taught Management Information Systems at the Huntsman School of Business since 2006. In 2015, she was promoted and recognized as a full professor. When asked about her career success, Dr. Dupin-Bryant stated that she works really hard at all the small things which collectively make up a big thing. “I do my best little bits at a time,” she states. Her inspiration comes from Helen Keller, who stated, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

This mentality has allowed Dr. Dupin-Bryant to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom. Even though she has a myriad of awards and honors, Dr. Dupin-Bryant remains down to earth. When asked about her successes she noted that she is “happy with the progress I make but I am constantly self-evaluating.”

“I do my best, little bits at a time.”

Dr. Dupin-Bryant attributes her career in higher education and her passion for teaching to her parents. Both were involved in education and watching them influence their students helped push her towards a career in teaching. One of her former students, Caleb Wilkinson, states, “Pam is a wonderful teacher! Her personality keeps the class interactive and highly involved. On top of all this Pam empowers her students and allows them to improve through her mentorship.”

Dr. Dupin-Bryant tells her students to “be a positive force in the lives of people around you” and she leads by example. When asked what advice she would give to students who are looking for success she stated, “Don’t let your disadvantages allow you to make excuses. Having difficult circumstances challenges you to take it up a notch.” Her contagious energy and enthusiasm for life continues to influence her students, colleagues, and all those who come in contact with her.