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Fall 2012

Ideas are Taking Flight Through Innovation

Maybe it’s something in the water. Or in the famous dairy products. Aggie ice cream anyone?

Or in the DNA. Some professors at Columbia University are doing research on whether or not the great migration from Europe to America selected a particular population of people who were significantly more risk oriented—genetically!—than those who chose not to come.

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MBA Curriculum Invigorated with New Focus on Entrepreneurial Leadership

Konrad Lee wants the Huntsman MBA program to teach students all that they must be, not just know, to become successful entrepreneurs. Revamping the Huntsman MBA curriculum over the past year has been a first step in that process, according to Profess…

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2012 Distinguished Executive Alumnus Award

At an awards banquet in September, Gary E. Stevenson was honored with the top award that the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business bestows, its Distinguished Executive Alumnus Award.

Gary graduated from Utah State with a Bachelor of Science deg…

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Legacy: Marriner Eccles, Economic Innovator After The Great Depression

It’s all about his epiphany—an epiphany that didn’t come until he was 41 years old, and that resulted in his helping to reshape the post-Depression world.

The subsequent generosity of generations of the Eccles family to USU makes that family…

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Brady Murray to Ride for Down Syndrome Orphans in IronMan Race

Brady Murray, a Huntsman alumnus, has won the right to race in the IronMan World Championship competition in Kona, Hawaii, on October 13, 2012. He was inspired to enter by reading stories on “Reece’s Rainbow,” a nonprofit website that champions Down …

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Three Huntsman Students Follow Different Paths To the MBA Program

The Huntsman MBA program includes many unique students, all in various stages and circumstances in their lives. When they graduate, many students land full-time jobs because of opportunities given to them through the MBA program. Here are three short…

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Dr. Diana Thomas Researches How Political Entrepreneurs Affect Rules of Economic Exchange

The research interests of Dr. Diana Thomas stretch across the globe.

A German native, she has published papers on the regulation of late medieval German beer markets, on informal property rights institutions among taxi cab drivers in Trujill…

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Dean's Message

A Message from Dean Douglas D. Anderson

It’s wonderful to reflect on the progress we have made at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business in the last few years. Thanks to the many dedicated people who have dared to see things in new ways, we continue to transform the school and accelerate t…

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My Favorite Professor

My Favorite Professor: Professor Ben Blau Connects Finance to Real World News of the Day

Dr. Ben Blau, a professor of finance, has a unique philosophy when it comes to teaching, a philosophy that he explains to his students before every difficult assignment or impossible midterm exam. He believes that professors who make students think t…

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Vision – Dr. Abdinasir M. Abdulle, ’91 M.S., ’01 Ph.D. Minister of Finance, Republic of Somalia

I have always been deeply connected to Somalia, my homeland, and I am also very connected to Utah State University, where I earned both a master’s degree in range science in 1991 and a Ph.D. in economics in 2001. My thesis was an optimal dynamic cont…

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Voice – Steve Neeleman, ’94 CEO, Health Equity, Inc.

There are enough people in this world who try to lead by telling people what to do. I think it is more important to lead by example. Since I founded HealthEquity in 2002, I have always been willing to jump on any plane, fly to any city, or pick up th…

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