Lianne Wappett

September 22, 2023
Lianne Wappett

2023 USU Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year

Professor Lianne Wappett epitomizes the definition of a mentor. Whether scholarships, internships, or relationships, she has always made time in her schedule for visits, both personal and professional. Because of Professor Wappett's direct influence, I have "Dared Mighty Things" and will be spending time internationally as a consultant in Mexico & Peru.

The impact Professor Wappett's mentorship has had on my life is immense. Through her guidance, I have developed confidence in myself, refined my business communication skills, and achieved success. In my opinion, a good mentor sees people not as they are but as who they can become. That is how Professor Wappett treats every student she interacts with.

I know Professor Wappett through her DATA 3400 Data Visualization Class, Women in Business Association, and Women in Tech. Her mentorship has impacted me by showing me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to, both in school and in my personal life. Professor Wappett has shown that as a woman in technology, I can dream big and accomplish my goals. She Is a wonderful role model for female students who need an example of someone who utilizes their passion and ambition to accomplish amazing things.

Professor Wappett has been one the most influential people in my undergraduate college career. She has shaped my life academically and personally. Professor Wappett is a fearless leader and an inspiring mentor. I will forever be grateful for her influence.

Professor Wappett is someone who will always make time for you regardless of what is going on. In fact, during an incredibly stressful time, she helped me navigate career opportunities and even spent part of her weekend helping me prepare for an interview. I got the job out of 800 applicants! I cannot stress enough how her confidence in me gave me the courage to do something I didn't feel qualified to do. She is the ultimate mentor.

These are just five of the scores of testimonials provided by students about Lianne Wappett, a senior lecturer in the Data Analytics and Information Systems Department in the Huntsman School. During her time at Huntsman, Lianne has developed close relationships with hundreds of students, teaching core courses in communications and data visualization, serving as a club advisor to the Women in Business Association and serving as the academic director of the Huntsman Scholar Program. In every one of these roles, Lianne has taken the task at hand and, through her deep commitment to each and every student, made that class, that club, that program, into something so much bigger, better, and more impactful.

Wappett, who was also recognized as the Huntsman School Teacher of the Year in 2020 and Mentor of the Year in 2021, brings twenty years of industry experience creating tech brands and digital experiences to the Huntsman School. Her expertise in brand strategy, digital marketing, design, and communications helped build brands such as Children's Miracle Network, Wilson Sporting Goods, Walgreens, Intel, AskJeeves, and Iomega. She is a practicing artist and her work was exhibited at MANA Contemporary Chicago and the International Sculpture Center. Prior to coming to the Huntsman School, Lianne taught at the University of Idaho.