To Create Our Own Destiny

October 7, 2022

A core philosophy of the Huntsman School is to bring together people of exceptional talent, from all around the world. People with incredible skill in their chosen field as well as a deep hunger for contribution. 

The community we are building comprises our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. In the following pages, you will read about some of our incredible people, from our students to our faculty and staff, to our alumni, as they seek to learn and advance, as they teach and mentor, as they create value in their communities. They reflect so many, near and far, who endeavor daily to lead lives of meaning and contribution.

Jon M. Huntsman cared deeply about developing the next generation of ethical leaders to serve in business, government, and civic affairs. He often said that “At the end of the day our character, together with our charity, will determine our ultimate destiny.” The destiny of the Huntsman School is created and kept alive by people operating at the intersection of skills, talents, and passion - who are good at what they do, love what they do, and aim to contribute to the greater good through the sum of their talents.

Individual Stories

  • Sarah Wilcox Growing up in a small town in central Utah, Sarah Wilcox was always a supporter of higher education and lifelong learning.
  • Alfredo Solar. Alfredo Solar owned a chocolate factory in his native Mexico. Now he’s studying entrepreneurship and getting his MBA to help others find ways to realize their dreams.
  • Lay Lian Doh At first blush, it’s not easy to see how Lay Lian Doh, a Huntsman Scholar from Logan High School, may have taken one of the longest journeys to get to Huntsman.
  • Ken Snyder Out of unimaginable tragedy, Ken Snyder found meaning by bringing together a vast network of people for a common cause and achieved success where so many had previously failed.
  • Chalon Keller With 15 years working for the US Air Force, Dr. Chalon Keller became an expert in process improvement
    and operational excellence, but her passion is helping young people. And her horses. Don’t forget the horses!
  • Carmella Johns-Andruk A veteran of the entertainment industry, with stints at Capital Records, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., and NBC Universal, Carmella Johns-Andruk now helps expand opportunities for Huntsman students in the corporate sector.
  • Sharad Jones Dr. Sharad Jones joined the Huntsman School after studying Astronomy and Statistics, and working for Silicon Valley start-ups. Now he’s helping our students get a leg up on AI and neural networks.