Huntsman Alumni Magazine Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Huntsman Students Feel the “World Shift” in Unfamiliar Territory

Liz Allred said she likes to watch the “world shift” as she travels with students who embark on “Global Learning Experiences” with her.

Liz, program director of Global Learning Experiences, said sooner or later the students who travel internationally experience a transformational moment. They see the importance of understanding new cultures and comprehending how political philosophies and social context impact economic activity.

Dozens of Huntsman students seize the opportunity to infuse a heavy dose of international reality into their educational experience each year by traveling to countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Israel, Russia, Vietnam, and Turkey.

Every summer, groups of undergraduate students travel to South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. These programs last from two to four weeks, and integrate coursework with a variety of business and cultural activities.

In their junior year, Huntsman Scholars travel to Switzerland, Belgium, and France as part of a 15-credit scholar semester. Scholars must qualify almost a year in advance, and are selected based on academic performance, leadership potential, and their commitment to service.
MBA students are required to participate in one of four programs during spring break. The graduate students go to China, India, Japan, and Israel.

Students in the Master of Science in Human Resources program traveled during spring break to either England and Germany, or India and Switzerland. Each of these programs is designed to foster within students an appreciation of the everyday realities of business in different parts of the world.