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Steve Gould Completes Five Internships in Two and a Half Years

By Klydi Heywood

Five. That’s how many internships Huntsman student Steve Gould has completed in the last two and a half years--in Houston, Spokane, St. George, and Cache Valley.  He has interned in an oil pipeline company's investor relations department, in redesigning a tire factory's website, with the CFO of an expanding cancer care company, in marketing a software company's presentation program, and in the finance department of a high-end theater and home-automation company.   

It all started at a USU recruitment night when Steve was in high school. He said that compared to the other schools he was interested in, USU just gave him “a good feeling,” a sense that the university was very student oriented. Steve started as a bio-chemistry major, then changed to landscape architecture, and then business administration. It was after taking a finance class that Steve discovered that finance was something that really interested him.

“I never pass up an opportunity to grow,” Steve said. “Each internship had very new and different things to offer, and I was excited at the prospect of gaining new skills.”

Steve Gould

Steve Gould has completed five internships.

Steve’s first internship was in Houston, Texas, working for Plains All American Pipeline. There he worked with an investor relations group at its headquarters in Houston. He would study and learn the finances of the business and then present that information to investors and the board. From this first internship, Steve said he learned “the power of asking questions.” He said that by not being afraid to ask questions, he learned important details about the financial side of the industry.

Internship number two was at a local tire factory, Discount Tire. He was put in charge of redesigning the company’s website and finding ways to cut costs and improve the firm’s marketing efforts. He noticed they were doing some advertising with Google, and he took it upon himself to revamp the company's Google advertising approach. His changes saved Discount Tire nearly $100,000 per year.

“Steven excels in everything he does, and he works toward the highest quality and delivery possible,” said Ron Welker, associate director of career management.

In the summer of 2012 Steve traveled to Spokane, Wash., to work for Cancer Care Northwest. He said one of the highlights of this experience was the opportunity to work side by side with the CFO, Bill Fisher. Cancer Care Northwest was in an expansion stage when Steve arrived. The business was constructing new buildings, hiring new employees, creating compensation plans, purchasing new machines, and designing various finance-based projects. As the summer went on, Fisher became a mentor to Steve.

“He taught me life lessons, and I really appreciated every minute I had with him,” Steve said.

When school started in August, Steve came back to Cache Valley to start a marketing internship with Prezi, a company that makes a creative presentation software program. He is now working with the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, the Huntsman School of Business, and  the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department to get Prezi more recognized on campus. There are 55 other Prezi interns around the world at various businesses and schools, and Steve is the direct liaison for all of them and the only Prezi intern at USU.

“If someone can utilize all of the tools on Prezi, it can be stunning,” Steve said.

Steve’s latest internship started less than a month ago for a high-end theater and home automation company based in St. George. The CEO personally asked for Steve’s help on the finance side of things by having him take the lead on all number projections for the company.

“This is my most daunting internship because I’m in charge,” Steve said. “It’s my project and nobody else’s.”

Steve will be graduating in May and starting his job at Goldman Sachs at the end of June.

“The quality of education we get at the Huntsman School is absolutely incredible,” Steve said. “It all goes back to why I came to USU in the first place. Everything is student focused, and it just feels good here.”