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2020-2021 Student and Employee Awards

March  2021

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Each year, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business recognizes top-performing students, staff, and faculty for their academic and professional accomplishments. For the 2020-2021 academic year, we would like to acknowledge and commend the following individuals as recipients of these awards and achievements.

Student Awards

  • Jack DeSpain, Finance - Valedictorian
  • Charity Parkinson, Accounting - Scholar of the Year
  • Ashley Morrey, Management - Legacy of Utah State
  • Ryan Voges, Financial Economics - Graduate Student Researcher of the Year
  • Jake Harrison, Management - Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year

Faculty Awards

  • Randy Simmons, Professor, Economics & Finance Department – Cazier Professor Lifetime Achievement
  • Lianne Wappett, Lecturer, Data Analytics & Information Systems Department – Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year
  • Todd Griffith, Assistant Professor, Economics & Finance Department - Faculty Researcher of the Year
  • Zsolt Ugray, Professor, Data Analytics & Information Systems Department - Faculty University Service Award
  • Yong Seog Kim, Professor, Data Analytics & Information Systems Department – Outstanding Graduate Mentor of the Year
  • Alex Romney, Assistant Professor, Marketing & Strategy Department - Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year
  • Bret Crane, Assistant Professor, Marketing & Strategy Department – Eldon J. Gardner Teacher of the Year
  • Shara Gibbons, Webmaster and Marketing Automation Specialist - Employee of the Year

In addition to being recognized as the Huntsman School’s Teacher of the Year, Dr. Bret Crane has also been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, which provides him the opportunity to work in Spain during the fall 2021 semester.

A-Pin Recipients

The A-Pin award has been a Utah State University tradition since 1910. This prestigious award recognizes students who have earned a 4.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters carrying 15 or more credit hours. This year, 47 Huntsman students were honored with an A-Pin award.

  • Madeleine Alder, Economics
  • Alec Bentson, Marketing
  • Carver Black, Management
  • Mark Blackham, Accounting
  • Casey Burgin, Accounting
  • Logan Christiansen, Economics
  • Hayden Clegg, Finance
  • Austin Connors, Finance
  • Sandra Cook, Economics
  • Camilla Cox, Marketing
  • Vidalia Cornwall, Economics
  • Jake Cragun, Accounting
  • Quinton Daniel, Management
  • Makenzi Didericksen, Marketing
  • Isaac Dixon, International Business
  • Colten Dougher, Economics
  • Palmer Edholm, Accounting
  • Hayden Egley, Business Administration
  • Sabrina Ellis, International Business
  • Kyler Fuhriman, Finance
  • Madelyn Gardner, Management Information Systems
  • Marissa Gardner, Management Information Systems
  • Emma Geary, Business Administration
  • Summer Hancey, Economics
  • Carson Haws, Finance
  • Caleb Hubbard, Accounting
  • Kamryn James, Accounting
  • Abby Jensen, Management Information Systems
  • Lee Johnson, Economics
  • Riley Johnson, Finance
  • Jace Jones, Economics
  • Andrew Marino, Marketing
  • Kenley McMurdie, Accounting
  • Ashley Morrey, Management
  • Madalyn Moulton, Finance
  • Benjamin Palmer, Finance
  • Sara Reichert, Accounting
  • Miguel Rust, Economics
  • Rachel Saxey, Management
  • Parker Sonnenberg, Economics
  • Jared Spencer, Finance
  • Brett Syndergaard, Economics
  • Jiang Tongyao, Economics
  • Rodney Tran, Management
  • Hailey Ure, Management
  • Lacie Wright, Finance
  • Madison Young, Economics