2017-2018 Student and Employee Awards


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Each year, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business recognizes top-performing students, staff, and faculty for their academic and professional accomplishments. For the 2017-2018 academic year, we would like to acknowledge and commend the following individuals as recipients of these awards and achievements.

Student Awards

  • Dillon Pierson, Accounting - Valedictorian
  • Jackie Sullivan, Economics - Scholar of the Year
  • Braden Loveless, Accounting, Economics & Finance and MAcc - Legacy of Utah State
  • Shalisa Hansen, Management Information Systems (MIS) - Kiwanis Recognition
  • Jessica McGraw, MMIS - Graduate Student Researcher of the Year
  • Kwon Fai (Ivan) Cheah, MIS and Accounting - Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year

Employee Awards

  • Polly Conrad, Lecturer in Management Information Systems - Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Briggs Depew, Assistant Professor of Economics - Researcher of the Year
  • Dr. Katherine Chudoba, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems - Faculty Service Award
  • Dr. Chris Hartwell, Assistant Professor of Management - Graduate Research Mentor of the Year
  • Dr. Ken Bartkus, Professor of Marketing - Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year
  • Frank Shuman, Lecturer in Accounting - Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year
  • Teri Rasmussen, School of Accountancy - Employee of the Year

Three professors were recognized with promotion and/or tenure for exemplifying a commitment to student success and showing excellence in their respective research.

  • Dr. Christopher Skousen, Associate Department Head in the School of Accountancy received a promotion to full professor.
  • Dr. Timothy Gardner, Associate Professor in the Management Department received tenure.
  • Dr. Jason Smith, Assistant Professor in the Economics & Finance Department received tenure and was promoted to associate professor.

A-Pin Recipients

The A-Pin award has been a Utah State University tradition since 1910. This award recognizes students who have earned a 4.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters carrying 15 or more credit hours. This year, 38 Huntsman students were recognized with this academic honor.

  • Alexa Cook, Accounting
  • Alissa Rosado, Marketing
  • Andrew Naegle, Accounting
  • Benjamin Hong, Accounting
  • Benjamin Wilhelm, Finance
  • Benton Smith, Management Information Systems
  • Bronson R. Kunzler, Finance
  • Cameron Murray, Finance
  • Cody Crofoot, Accounting
  • Dakota Clark, Business Administration
  • Daniel Netelbeek, Finance
  • David Lloyd, Economics
  • Emily Wilson, Economics
  • Fubin Lin, Economics
  • Heyi Liu, Economics
  • Jackson Beck, Economics
  • Jaeden Harris, Management Information Systems
  • Jake Wilcox, Finance
  • James Huber, Finance
  • James Smith, Finance
  • Jayden Peck, Marketing
  • Jessa Alejandra Barton, Accounting
  • Jessica Gray, Accounting
  • Jonas DeLisle, Accounting
  • Jordyn Arnold, Accounting
  • Joshua Feigleson, Economics
  • Julya Barnhurst, Accounting
  • Kwok Fai (Ivan) Cheah, Accounting
  • Madeleine Alder, Marketing
  • Marinda Davis, Accounting
  • Mykelle Nichols, Accounting
  • Quinton Cannon, Finance
  • Ruowen Chen, Economics
  • Sara Dent, International Business
  • Shawn Robbins, Management Information Systems
  • Steven D. Scott, Economics
  • Tyler Herd, Finance
  • Yiyou Guo, Economics